Last reviewed on 10-02-2020

Documentation of California's Greenhouse Gas Inventory (13th Edition - Last updated on 10-15-2020)

♦ Category: Energy

IPCC: 1B2 - Fugitive Emissions from Fuels - Oil and Natural Gas
Sector: Industrial : Oil & Gas: Production & Processing : Petroleum Gas Seeps : Fugitives

♦ Activity: Fugitive emissions -

♦ Greenhouse gas: Methane ( CH4 )

► Year 2018 —

● Greenhouse gas emission estimate —

Amount: 111,688 tonnes of CH4 Excluded (2,792,197 tonnes CO2 Eq.)
Basis: Compilation
Calculation: Speciation of Total Organic Gases (TOG) data into CH4
Reference: ARB (2015). California Emission Inventory Development and Reporting System Database (CEIDARS). CA Air Resources Board Staff queried CEIDARS for Total Organic Gases (TOG) emissions, and then speciated the results. California Air Resources Board. December 2015. #/ei/general.htm

● Activity level used in calculations —

Basis: None
Reference: Not Applicable.

● Parameters and Constants used in calculations —

Parameter: Not applicable
Constant: Global warming potential of CH4 = 25
Reference: IPCC (2007). Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Solomon S., Qin D., Manning M., Chen Z., Marquis M., Averyt K.B., Tignor M., and Miller H.L. (eds.). #

● Greenhouse gas excluded per unit activity (derived from values listed above) —

Amount: Not Applicable