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Documentation of California's Greenhouse Gas Inventory (First Edition - Last updated on 11/19/2007)

♦ Category: Industrial Processes and Product Use

IPCC: 2F - Product Uses as Substitutes for Ozone Depleting Substances
Sector: Not Specified : Not Specified

♦ Activity: Use of substitutes for ozone depleting substances -

♦ Greenhouse gas: Tetrafluoromethane (PFC-14) ( CF4 )

► Year 1990 —

● Greenhouse gas emission estimate —

Amount: 0 tonne of CF4 Emitted (0 tonne CO2 Eq.)
Basis: Calculation
Calculation: [US emissions from ODS substitutes] * [Ratio of California to US population]
Reference: USEPA (2004). Emission Inventory Improvement Program. Technical Report Series, Volume 8: Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Chapter 6: Industrial Processes. US Environmental Protection Agency. Washington DC.

● Activity level used in calculations —

Basis: None
Reference: Not Applicable.

● Parameters and Constants used in calculations —

Parameter: Ratio of California to US population = 0.12
Reference: USCB (various years). U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates for the United States and California. Accessed online at:
Parameter: US emissions from ODS substitutes = 0 g
Reference: Godwin, D. (2007). Personal communication between Johnnie Raymond of CA Air Resources Board and Dave Godwin, Stratospheric Protection Division Source Lead, US Environmental Protection Agency, August 2007.
Constant: Global warming potential of CF4 = 6500
Reference: IPCC (1996). Second Assessment Report. Climate Change 1995: WG I - The Science of Climate Change. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; J.T. Houghton, L.G. Meira Filho, B.A. Callander, N. Harris, A. Kattenberg, and K. Maskell (eds.); Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, U.K.

● Greenhouse gas emitted per unit activity —

Amount: Not Applicable