HFC Emission Reduction Measures for Mobile Air Conditioning - Low Emission Vehicle (LEV III), MAC Effort

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This measure proposes that high GWP refrigerants used in a new vehicle's mobile air conditioning (MAC) system be replaced with a lower GWP alternative. Previous California regulations (Pavley and Environmental Performance Label) use a credit scheme to encourage auto manufacturers to use low-GWP refrigerants in new vehicles and to improve the leak-tightness of new systems that use HFC-134a. The credit scheme also encourages auto manufacturers to reduce indirect emissions through a number of proven technologies. The US EPA adopted a similar credit scheme approach for a national program that will be effective from 2012 through 2016.

The requirement for a low-GWP refrigerant will be part of the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV III) regulation that is undergoing workshops and public comment during 2010. It is anticipated that the MAC portion of the regulation will require a refrigerant with a GWP less than or equal to 150 for all passenger cars, light duty trucks, and medium-duty passenger vehicles beginning with model year 2017. The regulation will also have requirements to limit direct emissions (leakage) and indirect emissions (tailpipe) to maintain the highest achievable system efficiency.

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