HFC Emission Reduction Measures for Mobile Air Conditioning - Enforcement of Federal Ban on HFC Release During Dismantling of MAC

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The main focus of this proposed strategy is to mitigate the climate impact of HFCs used in the air conditioning system of vehicles that are to be dismantled. The goal of this non-regulatory strategy is improved compliance with a regulation of US EPA (40 CFR 82.154) that prohibits the venting of certain types of refrigerant, including HFCs, to the atmosphere when MAC equipment is serviced or dismantled. Venting is avoided by recovering refrigerants with specialized equipment. The recovered refrigerant can be re-used by the owner or transferred to re-processors approved by US EPA. Per this strategy, better compliance by dismantlers would be obtained via a cooperative program that would be created among ARB's Enforcement Division, appropriate offices in the US EPA, and county environmental protection offices where dismantling activity is taking place. The specific form of the program has not yet been determined. However, the anticipated approach would emphasize enhanced enforcement of existing federal requirements for recovery via audits of activities and documentation.

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