California Phase 2 Heavy-Duty Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Trailer Certification Application


User Information
General Information
Trailer Configuration
Trailer Configuration -
For Partial-Aero or Non-Aero Trailers Only
Trailer Family Adjustable Parameters
Component Information
Aerodynamic Equipment
Tire Pressure Systems
Tire Configurations

You can upload Tire Configurations for your Trailer Family from a properly formatted CSV from your (manufacturer) workstation.
WARNING: Tire Configurations uploaded from this file will replace any tire configurations you may have already entered!

Weight Reduction
Non-Wheel Weight Reduction Information
Wheel Weight Reduction Information
Off-Cycle Technology
Emission Determination
CO2 Trailer Configuration Type Lowest Projected CO2 Trailer Configuration Highest Projected CO2 Trailer Configuration Highest Projected Sales Volume CO2 Trailer Configuration
Tire Crr (kg/metric ton)
Configuration Aerodynamic Improvement Indicator
Configuration Composite Delta CdA (m2)
Total Weight Reduction (lbs)
Tire Pressure System
Configuration Off-Cycle Improvement Factor
Off-Cycle Separate Credit Amount (g CO2/ton-mile)
CO2 Emission Rate (g/ton-mile)
CO2 Emission Standard (g/ton-mile)
Note: Only the worst case (Highest Projected CO2 Trailer Configuration) needs to be filled out until 2027.