Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution

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The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32) establishes a comprehensive program of regulatory and market mechanisms to achieve real, cost-effective, quantifiable reductions of greenhouse gases (GHG).  AB32 charges the Air Resources Board (ARB) as the agency responsible for monitoring and regulating many GHG emission sources to reduce state GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.  This is the main webpage for the Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution measure, intended to reduce GHG emissions from the transmission and distribution of natural gas in California. This webpage will follow development of the control measure. 

Currently, the ARB is conducting studies to investigate GHG emissions in the Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution sector.  The purpose is to develop accurate GHG emission estimates.  For questions related to the program, please contact Win Setiawan at (916) 324-0337.

What's New:

Senate Bill 1371

The ARB is working as partners with the CPUC to provide emissions and mitigation knowledge to assist with adopting rules and proceedures under SB 1371. We are also advising the shape of the final regulation. Staff presented at the CPUC's Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) Workshop on Natural Gas Leak Abatement best practices (R. 15-01-008) on April 6, 2015. The presentation can be found under the heading for What's New. More information on the CPUC's proceedings can be found at the following website:

Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Survey

The ARB designed a Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Survey to improve our estimates of GHG emissions in California.  We sent out the survey on April 15, 2009 and received the surveys back from all participants by June 15, 2009. The survey was for the calendar year 2007. The data have helped to develop a statewide inventory baseline.
The following files are available for download:

Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Survey Training

On May 4, 2009, the Air Resources Board staff conducted a web based information session to assist companies that transmit or distribute natural gas with filling out the Excel version of the Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Survey.

At the meeting, attendees requested to see the example survey, which is posted below. Please note that the example survey was designed to be concise, while actual surveys will likely be more comprehensive.  In addition, the brief comments on the posted survey should not be used as a model that limits the actual comments, but rather more extensive comments are expected.

Example Excel Survey

Additional Program Information:

Local Air District Rules
For local air districts rules and regulations regarding reduction of criteria pollutants or their precursors, please go to the Rules Database

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