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Archived Dairy and Livestock Subgroup #3 Processes and Documents

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Request for Ideas (RFI) Process 

The Dairy and Livestock Subgroup #3 (Research Needs, Including Enteric Fermentation) previously sent out a call for RFI submissions where all potential contributors from academia, industry, government and the public were invited to submit various research ideas that can help California achieve SB 1383 goals while addressing the knowledge shortfalls and research needs as identified by the subgroup. Participants were required to use the RFI Submission Form. The deadline to submit was May 31, 2018 and the submission process is now closed.

The RFI submissions were pre-screened for completeness and appropriate content. Submissions that passed the pre-screening process were reviewed by Subgroup #3 committee members using the following evaluation criteria:
  • Air Impact
  • Industry Impact
  • Policy/Regulation/Program Relevance
  • Feasibility
At the end of the review process, Subgroup #3 drafted a Dairy Air Research Prospectus, providing recommendations to the most feasible research needed to address SB 1383 goals under each of the knowledge shortfalls.

Participants of the RFI were asked to also consider the following:
  • The score and the rank assigned to each RFI submission during the review process do not translate to future funding, nor lack thereof.
  • The RFI submissions may be incorporated into the final Dairy Air Research Prospectus document and disseminated to government agencies and non-government organizations for their consideration during the development of future projects and competitive solicitations(s).
  • The RFI submissions may be modified or edited prior to its incorporation into the Dairy Air Research Prospectus.

Archived RFI Documents

RFI Submission Form

RFI Submission Guidelines Document

References and Additional Information

California Air Resources Board: Agriculture-Related Activities

California Air Resources Board: Research Division Work on Dairy Research

For additional questions regarding the RFI process, please contact:
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