Climate Change Community Meetings


picture of a community meeting

As part of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32) ARB is directed to conduct meetings and workshops in regions of the state that have the most significant exposure to air pollutants, including, but not limited to, communities with minority populations, communities with low-income populations, or both (AB 32, 38561(g)).

To meet these requirements ARB will: collect community input to help shape the decision making process; conduct outreach and education on AB 32 and climate change issues; promote community participation; and ensure transparency and accountability through ARB’s open stakeholder process. Through this process ARB will engage with communities and outline how proposed climate change strategies will affect and impact them. This process will create working partnerships with impacted communities to help them stay involved and informed as the Plan moves toward implementation.

The Office of Climate Change (OCC) seeks to engage communities to participate in the AB 32 implementation process and share their views about policy direction, program design, and implementation of the AB 32 Scoping Plan.


The outreach and communication process will be facilitated through a series of community based meetings to seek input and provide background on AB 32 implementation and the Scoping Plan.  ARB will reach out so communities can understand ARB's goals and objectives and share in the development of AB 32 and the Scoping Plan.  ARB will work with environmental justice (EJ) coordinators, and attend existing EJ community-based meetings to foster input into the development of the Scoping Plan.  Staff will provide educational materials during community meetings and conduct brief presentations showing ARB’s proposed program and decision making process in creating the Scoping Plan and fulfilling the requirements of AB 32.  ARB is currently working with regional EJ coordinators around the state to participate during other community meetings. 

Community Meeting Schedule

Future Commitment

ARB's Environmental Justice Policies and Actions The Scoping Plan will project commitment to meet periodically after the adoption to assess implementation and discover implementation issues or new ideas for measures.  ARB will continue to reach out so that communities understand potential localized impacts as well as adaptation to climate change in California.

For more information, please contact: Johnnie Raymond at (916) 445-8279