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What will the Climate Champions do?

Their time "in office" began with their selection in February 2008 and will conclude in August 2009. There will be a number of exciting duties to perform:

  • Of the 15 selected California Climate Champions, three (and some alternates) will be selected to represent the United States during all-expenses-paid trips to London, U.K., March 24-30, 2008, and Kobe, Japan, May 18-25. The London event will include an opportunity to meet Climate Champions from other countries and prepare for the Japan trip, where the champions will participate in a youth component of a meeting among environment ministers of the G8 countries.
  • Developing a plan to spread the word about climate change in your neighborhood, school, church/mosque/temple, hometown or state. For example, you might want to set up a school network, start a "greening" project or talk to important people in your community about bigger plans to spread the message about climate change - these are just a few possibilities!
  • Meeting with media representatives to help spread your message to a bigger audience.
  • Expanding your network of climate champions to engage more and more of your peers in helping communicate about and act on climate change.
  • Help shape the Climate Champions 2009 program, which will be open to young people from all across the country who will follow in your footsteps to get the message out.

The California Climate Champions program, sponsored by the California Air Resources Board ( and the British Council (, is one of a number of similar initiatives established in many countries around the world. Learn more about the International Climate Champions Program.

For further information on the California Climate Champions

contact Annalisa Schilla at or (916) 322-8514

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