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Climate Change is one of the most important challenges facing the world. The increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, through the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, has led to dramatic changes in the Earth's climate, including warmer average temperatures and more frequent severe weather events like droughts and hurricanes. The vast majority of scientists agree that to avoid radical changes in our climate in the future, we need to act together, now.

The first step is to help people think about climate change as a problem that affects us all and realize that collectively we can make a difference.

Finding America's Climate Champions
Leaders from around the world recognize that climate change requires global solutions. But it's not just a problem for governments to tackle - it's an issue that requires everyone's help. After all we are each responsible for carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to climate change.

We're inviting young people from California who are concerned about the issue, committed to making a difference and good at communicating, to become Climate Champions. As a champion, they  will engage other people in schools, neighborhoods and communities in finding ways to address climate change.

Through a competition, young Californians (aged 16-18) will display that they have what it takes to communicate about climate change. The best entries will become California Climate Champions.

Over the course of the competition year, the Champions will not only help with local, national and international projects but will also be called on to work with the media or communicate in other ways about climate change.

One of the activities to be arranged for the California Climate Champions is a "climate camp" that will be held in California over the summer.

You can view our flyer from this year's competition and check back this Fall for next year's competition deadlines and information, championsflyer.pdf.

More resources coming soon!

Learn more about what the United Kingdom's Climate Change Champions have been doing at

The California Climate Champions program, sponsored by the California Air Resources Board ( and the British Council (, is one of a number of similar initiatives established in many countries around the world. Learn more about the International Climate Champions Program.

For further information on the California Climate Champions

contact Annalisa Schilla at or (916) 322-8514

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