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Deadline has been extended to February 17, 2008!!

How to Apply 

What do I have to do? Submit an entry to the Climate Champions competition that shows us your abilities as a communicator and your commitment to the issue. Competition entries should take the form of a news report1: write a front-page article for a newspaper or Web site; film your own TV news report; or record a radio show or podcast.

Your news report1 should focus on:

  • How climate change is affecting California now, or might in the future (consider a real example from your own city or region)
  • Why you want to tell everyone in your community about climate change, and what you think the best ways are to communicate about it
  • What people can do - on a personal, school, community, city, state, or national level - to address climate change.
The application has a place for you to include a brief profile of yourself and why you think you would be a great Climate Champion (200 words max).
Don't forget, your entry should show us your abilities as a communicator and your commitment to the issue.

Online Application
Application in PDF format
Application in Microsoft Word format
Click here to read about Technical Requirements for entries

When is the closing date for entries? Feb. 17, 2008; 11:59PM PST

Who can enter? The competition is open to all young people who live in the state of California who will be 16-18 years old on Feb. 11, 2008. Anyone who meets this age criteria may enter and qualify to become a Champion, although there are additional requirements if you wish to be considered for the international component of the program. See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

How do I submit my entry? An application along with your file must be received by Feb. 17, 2008, 11:59PM PST.  You can fill out the online application, which automatically submits it to us through a website, or you can fill out the Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format and email it to us at  You have two options for submitting your entry electronically.  1) You can email your file to, or 2) If your file is larger than 5MB, you can upload it to the Air Resources Board's FTP site, for instructions, go to /cc/climatechampions/ftp.htm.  

What happens after I submit my entry? After the closing date, a panel of judges established by the California Air Resources Board and the British Council will consider all entries that fit the guidelines. The entries that show the most enthusiasm and ability to communicate about climate change will be selected as California Climate Champions and invited for an interview. The interview is to find out which Champions will take part in the London and Kobe events.

 1Your news report is for application purposes only; it does not need to be submitted to, or accepted by, any actual media outlet.

The California Climate Champions program, sponsored by the California Air Resources Board ( and the British Council (, is one of a number of similar initiatives established in many countries around the world. Learn more about the International Climate Champions Program.

For further information on the California Climate Champions

contact Annalisa Schilla at or (916) 322-8514

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