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File submission information

Now that you've filled out the online application, you need to submit your entry.  If you have an electronic file, you can email it to  If your file is too large to email you can upload it to the Air Resources Board's File Transfer Protocol (FTP) website: If you use the FTP option you must email us at the above email address and tell us the name of your file and date that you uploaded it.  This is very important to do right away since files remain on the FTP site for only three days.

Click here for FTP instructions

What should I name my file?  

Please save your file as your first and last name, for example: johnsmith.doc.  If your name is longer than 15 characters, use your first initial and full last name. 

Click here to read about Technical Requirements for entries

The California Climate Champions program, sponsored by the California Air Resources Board ( and the British Council (, is one of a number of similar initiatives established in many countries around the world. Learn more about theInternational Climate Champions Program.

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contact Annalisa Schilla at or (916) 322-8514

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