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Compliance Offsets Protocol Task Force


Assembly Bill 398 (AB 398; Chapter 135, Statutes of 2017), in section 38591.1 of the California Health & Safety Code, requires the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to establish a Compliance Offsets Protocol Task Force (Task Force).  The Task Force will provide guidance to CARB in establishing new offset protocols for the Cap-and-Trade Program with direct environmental benefits in the state while prioritizing disadvantaged communities, Native American or tribal lands, and rural and agricultural regions.

The Task Force will aid CARB in identifying potential new Compliance Offset Protocols for the Cap-and-Trade Program to generate compliance offset credits available for compliance use from 2021 through 2030, and specifically, protocols that have direct environmental benefits in California.  The Board shall appoint members to the Task Force from the following stakeholder groups:

1) Scientists

2) Air pollution control and air quality management districts

3) Carbon market experts

4) Tribal representatives

5) Environmental Justice advocates

6) Labor and Workforce representatives

7) Forestry experts

8) Agriculture experts

9) Environmental advocates

10) Conservation advocates

11) Dairy experts

CARB issued a solicitation on May 20, 2019, to constitute the Task Force.  Applications were received for eight of the 11 statutory stakeholder groups plus the two public members.  CARB is issuing a second solicitation seeking applications for the remaining three stakeholder groups: Environmental Justic advocates, Labor and Worforce representatives, and Envionmental advocates.  Applicants should have expertise in the Board-approved compliance offset protocols, voluntary offset protocols, implementing projects to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, community advocacy and outreach, and represent one of the remaining three AB 398 stakeholder groups. 

For more information on the second solicitation, see here.

Task Force Members

On January 23, 2020 the Board adopted Resolution 20-5 formally approving the following Task Force membership:

Stakeholder Group Name
Scientists Frank Mitloehner
Air pollution control and air quality management districts Bruce Springsteen
Carbon market experts Emily Warms
Tribal representatives Timothy Hayden
Environmental Justice advocates Neil Tangri
Labor and Workforce representatives Antonio Sanchez
Forestry experts David Ford
Agriculture experts Robert Parkhurst
Environmental advocates Brian Nowicki
Conservation advocates Constance Best
Dairy experts Jean-Pierre "J.P." Cativiela
Public member (non-statutory) Andrea Tuttle
Public member (non-statutory) Gavin McCabe
Chair: Gavin McCabe

Second Scheduled Meeting:

Date:  TBD

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

           Cal/EPA Headquarters Building
           Byron Sher Auditorium
           1001 I Street
           Sacramento, California 95812

This meeting will also be webcast, available at:

First Meeting Documents:

Meeting Presentation

Operating Procedures

Task Force Member Resources

Task Force Subgroups

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