This page last reviewed February 15, 2018

Offset Project Registries


The Cap-and-Trade Regulation allows ARB to approve Offset Project Registries to help administer parts of the Compliance Offset Program.  Offset Project Registries must meet specific regulatory criteria to be approved under the Regulation.  Offset Project Registries will help facilitate the listing, reporting, and verification of offset projects developed using the Compliance Offset Protocols, and issue registry offset credits. Registry offset credits cannot be used for compliance with the Cap-and-Trade Program.  Registry offset credits must be converted to ARB offset credits to be eligible for use in the Cap-and-Trade Program.

List of ARB Approved Offset Project Registries

All offset projects developed under an ARB Compliance Offset Protocol must be listed with an ARB approved Offset Project Registry.  Offset Project Registries will help facilitate the listing, reporting, and verification of compliance offset projects, and issue registry offset credits.  A list of approved Offset Project Registries can be found below.

Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Offset Project Registries

ARB has developed guidance for Offset Project Registries.  This guidance is intended to help Offset Project Registries and other offset program participants understand the role of the Offset Project Registries and how they interact with ARB and Offset Project Operators.  In addition, ARB will develop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will be continuously updated as answers to specific questions are established.  FAQs will be developed for general issues around Offset Project Registries.

  • (Coming Soon!) Guidance for Approved Offset Project Registries
  • (Coming Soon!) FAQs on Offset Project Registry Related Issues

Forms Made Available by Offset Project Registries

ARB has developed forms for use in the Compliance Offset Program.  These forms may be used by program participants for submitting information related to listing, reporting, verification, and issuance of ARB offset credits.  ARB will make all forms available on the Compliance Offset Program Forms web page.  In addition, each approved Offset Project Registry will make all forms available on its own public web page.

Application for Potential Offset Project Registries

Offset Project Registries must be approved by ARB to perform registry services under ARB’s Compliance Offset Program.  To become approved, potential Offset Project Registries must submit an application and meet the requirements for education and experience as defined in section 95986 of the Regulation.

  • The application below must be completed and submitted to ARB to begin the Offset Project Registry application process.  If the applicant satisfies all the requirements of the regulation, they will be notified of the dates and times of approved ARB Compliance Offset Program and Compliance Offset Protocol training classes.  Upon successful completion of training classes by Registry Staff the Executive Officer may approve the Offset Project Registry.  Submission of this form and checking the appropriate box in Part IV will also suffice for applying to be an Early Action Offset Program.

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