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ARB Offset Credit Issuance

ARB Offset Credit Issuance Table

The ARB offset credit issuance table is updated at 12:00 pm (noon) Pacific Time on the second and fourth business Wednesday of every month.

(In November 2020, the ARB offset credit issuance table will be updated on Tuesday November 10 and on Tuesday November 24.)


ARB offset credits are issued to offset projects that meet specific requirements in the Cap-and-Trade Regulation. ARB offset credits, which may be used for compliance in the Cap-and-Trade Program, represent verified greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions or removal enhancements achieved under ARB’s Compliance Offset Protocols or approved early action quantification methodologies.
For offset projects developed using a Compliance Offset Protocol, the first step in the process is for the Offset Project Operator (OPO) to list the compliance offset project with an ARB approved Offset Project Registry (OPR).  Once the listing information for a compliance offset project has been submitted, the OPR will review it and the offset project will be listed on the OPR’s public website.  The listing information provides general information about the compliance offset project.

Once listed, the OPO of the compliance offset project must monitor, report, and verify the GHG emissions reductions or removal enhancements achieved by the offset project.  Upon satisfying the requirements in the Regulation, and successfully completing verification, registry offset credits may be issued to the offset project by the OPR. Once the offset project has been issued registry offset credits, the OPO may request the issuance of ARB offset credits.  After the request has been made, ARB will conduct a full review of all project documentation.  If the review shows conformance with the Regulation and applicable Compliance Offset Protocol, ARB offset credits may be issued after ARB receives confirmation that the OPR has retired the corresponding registry offset credits.  After ARB offset credit issuance, information regarding the compliance offset project, including number of ARB offset credits issued by vintage and invalidation status, will be made publicly available on this webpage.

More detailed information about the process for crediting compliance offset projects, including project eligibility, can be found in Subarticle 13 of the Cap-and-Trade Regulation.

For offset projects developed using an approved early action quantification methodology, details on the process for issuing ARB offset credits can be found on ARB's Early Action Projects webpage.

ARB Offset Credit Issuance

The ARB offset credit issuance table (Excel format) provides a list of offset projects developed under Compliance Offset Protocols and early action quantification methodologies that have been issued ARB offset credits.  This table will be updated as specified at the top of this page to reflect the issuance of ARB offset credits to offset projects.  Information on the project can be found by selecting the link in the Project Documentation column.

The previous version ARB offset credit issuance table (PDF format) has been archived.  This format will no longer be updated and only reflects ARB offset credit issuance through September 2019.  Information on the vintages and quantities of offset credits issued can be found by selecting the ARB Project ID# link within the table, and information on the project can be found by selecting the Project Documentation link within the table.

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