This page last reviewed September 4, 2014

References for Updates to Compliance Offset Protocols

ARB published a Notice of Proposed Action regarding regulatory amendments to the existing Compliance Offset Protocols for Livestock Projects, Ozone Depleting Substances Projects, and U.S. Forest Projects along with corresponding staff reports for public review and comment on July 29, 2014.  The protocol updates included references that, while not required to be published pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, are available from the Board Administration & Regulatory Coordination Unit (BARCU) upon request.  These references are also available below for easier access and transparency.  The proposed regulatory amendments will be presented to the Board for consideration at the September Board hearing.

Proposed Compliance Offset Protocol for Ozone Depleting Substances Projects

  • ASTM D7132-14 ARB purchased the rights to these materials.  Any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited and not condoned by ARB.

Proposed Compliance Offset Protocol for U.S. Forest Projects

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