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White Paper on Reporting of Covered Product Data for Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems

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To submit input on this white paper, please email submissions no later than February 11, 2016, to Please note that input emailed to this address will be available to the public and posted here on this webpage.

Entities that wish to supplement their publicly available submissions with data or information that they regard as trade secrets may direct supplemental submissions containing this data or information to Sara Nichols at These supplemental submissions must be submitted in the manner prescribed by ARB's regulations concerning the submission of trade secrets and other information exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act (Government Code section 6250 et seq. ["Act"]), as found at 17 California Code of Regulations sections 91000 to 91022, including but not limited to identifying in writing as "confidential" the specific portions of these supplemental submissions regarded as trade secrets, or otherwise exempt from disclosure under the Act. ARB will maintain these supplemental submissions in the manner prescribed under the Act, ARB regulations, and other relevant law.

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1 Rubio, Michael J., Chevron U.S.A., Inc. February 11, 2016 Attachment
2 Goklaney, Jason, EnviroTech Consultants, Inc. February 11, 2016 Attachment
3 Zierman, Rock, California Independent Petroleum Association February 11, 2016 Attachment
4 Reheis-Boyd, Catherine H., Western States Petroleum Association February 11, 2016 Attachment

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