This page last reviewed January 10, 2013

Energy-Based Allocation Methodology Data Collection 

For new facilities eligible for allowance allocation using the energy-based allocation methodology, additional data on steam and fuel consumption needs be collected. Details on the energy-based allocation methodology can be found at: /cc/capandtrade/allowanceallocation/eb_methodology.pdf

The data collection packet of information includes six items:

  1. Energy-based allocation methodology document describing the data collection needs and calculations that will be performed to yield a facility’s baseline allocation
  2. ASME PTC-4 documentation on the boiler efficiency calculation
  3. Data collection spreadsheet containing all the fields a facility needs to fill out for ARB to calculate the facility’s allocation
  4. Instruction manual and flow chart for the data collection spreadsheet
  5. Confidentiality statement
  6. Attestation document

Entities should only use these forms if they are covered by or have opted into the Cap-and-Trade Program.  Prior to completing any forms, please contact David Allgood at (916) 445-8238 or to discuss.

For facilities eligible for allocation under the energy-based allocation methodology, a digital copy of the spreadsheet should be returned to ARB, along with a signed confidential business information (CBI) and attestation form. These data will be held confidential subject to our confidential business information policy noted in the CBI form. 

These documents must also be mailed to the following address using certified mail:

Air Resources Board
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Once data are submitted to ARB, we will begin the process of estimating the allowance allocation to the facility. ARB will perform an audit of the data for authentication by requiring that some facilities provide supporting documentation for all data provided. ARB will then return the data to the facilities if there are any questions. After data are re-submitted to ARB with clarifications, changes, and/or corrections, ARB will estimate the allowance allocation to each facility. ARB will send this allocation estimate to facilities to be reviewed prior to finalization. Once allowance allocation is finalized, facilities will receive a letter with their final allowance allocation baseline.

For questions or comments, please contact David Allgood at (916) 445-8238