Small Business Benefits from the Green Economy

San Diego – July 26, 2010

Dear Small Business Owner,

All across California, small businesses are cutting costs and supporting the public and private efforts to create a cleaner, more efficient, and more robust economy. These entrepreneurs, just like you, are at the forefront of California’s new sustainable economy.

Learn about the specific things you can do as a small business owner to grow your company in the green economy while cutting costs at the same time. Download a brochure that presents five steps to help you profit from sustainable practices.

This e-mail is the second in a series. It highlights businesses like yours in the San Diego area that have taken simple and straightforward actions to save energy, gain customers and boost their bottom line. Future e-mails will introduce you to entrepreneurs in other regions of the state.

  • Arya Cleaners, a dry cleaning business, invested in a variety of environmentally friendly practices ranging from a simple rearrangement of their office layout and cleaning schedule as well as more advanced changes that reduced their use of chemicals. Keeping sustainability in mind, these environmentally friendly practices that gave them a competitive edge. Arya has seven locations, including two 24/7 kiosks that provide dry cleaning and laundry services in San Diego County.
  • El Primero Boutique Bed & Breakfast Hotel, the one and only hotel with the honor of being a Chula Vista Clean Business, which means they excel in four categories: energy conservation, water conservation, pollution prevention, and solid waste reduction.  A locally owned and operated hotel in Chula Vista, El Primero has gracefully combined historical novelty and environmentally conscious practices.
  • Spirit Graphics & Printing, Inc has taken many steps to reduce their environmental impact such as relocating their business to reduce their employees' commutes. They recycle up to 99% of their paper waste and 100% of their aluminum press plates, use T-5 lighting, low flush toilets, and water saving landscape.  They use soy and linseed based inks to cut down on volatile organic compounds and reuse spray bottles instead of one-time-use aerosols. Spirit Graphics & Printing, Inc. is a design and print company specializing in environmentally friendly printing and state-of-the-art products and services.
  • Aptera has developed the all-electric Aptera 2e, a two-passenger vehicle that can travel 100 miles per charge and recharge overnight on a conventional 110 volt/15 amp outlet.  Aptera raised ~$29 million of private capital from companies such as Idealab (a Pasadena based VC incubator) and Google. They have 30 employees in their Vista, CA office and expect to grow to 150 employees by 2011.
  • SG Biofuels, a plant science company, specializes in the development of Jatropha.  Jatropha is a subtropical, non-edible and undomesticated renewable energy crop that produces high quantities of high quality, sustainable oil.  The plant oil is used to produce low-cost biodiesel and feedstock substitutes for the petrochemical and jet fuel industries.   Headquartered in San Diego due to its proximity to the world’s leading plant biologists, SG Biofuels employs 12 people and expects to grow to 40 employees next year.

San Diego’s green economy is strong in multiple sectors and is a leader in jobs related to co-generation technologies, equipment and controls.  San Diego has also become a hub of green transportation, specializing in vehicles, parts, and clean fuels. Jobs in the water and wastewater fields doubled in San Diego between 1995 and 2008.  Air & environment sector jobs grew by 21%, mainly in the area of environmental consulting and emissions monitoring & control.
(Next10, Many Shades of Green, 2009)

Thank you for being an entrepreneur in California! Your innovation, drive and commitment to excellence will continue to ensure that California is at the fore-front of green economic development and job creation, putting people to work and creating a better world for future generations.

La Ronda Bowen
CA Air Resources Board

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