Small Business Benefits from the Green Economy

San Bernardino – December 2, 2010

Dear Small Business Owner,

This is the final email in our series highlighting businesses across California that have cut costs, reduced energy and resource use, and contributed to a cleaner, healthier environment and improved economy.

These featured businesses in the San Bernardino area have taken practical, productive and straightforward actions to save energy, gain new customers, and boost their bottom line.

Learn about specific things you can do as a progressive entrepreneur and small business owner to grow your company in the green economy while cutting costs at the same time. Download a brochure with five easy steps to help you profit from sustainable practices.

Read more about these and other businesses, just like yours, that benefit from their position at the forefront of California's new sustainable economy.

  • Green Roof Pays Dividends: Eagle Roofing in Rialto has a cohesive green program focused on delivering energy-efficient products and systems. These include environmentally responsible products and practices that provide greater energy efficiency, reduce waste and pollution, and preserve needed resources. Two key product lines, Eagle Solar Roof and Energy Saving Roof, result in less work for the air conditioner and lower electrical bills for the end user. Manufacturing process improvements have also significantly reduced waste haul-off from their plants.
  • Fashion Without The Waste: EcoThrift started their recycled product marketplace in 1982 with two trucks and a small store in Vallejo. Since then, they have grown to seven locations, including San Bernardino, by reducing waste and offering quality second-hand merchandise at affordable prices. They say that the support of their loyal customers has made them “California's largest private thrift store business.”
  • Path To Efficiency: EnerPath, an energy efficiency business located in Redlands, offers scalable, transparent, real-time delivery platforms to businesses and residents. EnerPath has performed over 22,000 audits saving their clients over 19 megawatts of electricity in the Los Angeles area alone over the past 20 years. Their software transmits continuous energy use data which is used to create and implement an energy efficiency program specific to each customer’s needs. EnerPath helps small businesses and residents find the most efficient ways to be green.
  • International Sustainability: Sleep & Beyond™, one of the few direct manufacturers of certified organic bedding, helps to create a healthy and organic home environment. Sleep & Beyond’s manufacturing units are certified to meet the high standards of the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO) and the Fair Trade Commission which ensure consistent quality and enforces standards for environmental and labor protection. Their environmentally friendly practices include the use of wind power as an energy source. Located in Fontana, Sleep & Beyond is an example of a successful, eco-friendly, California-based small business with international reach.
  • Green And Reliable: Organic and Healthy Inc. is a family enterprise in Foothill Ranch owned by Liz and John Schmidt who spent years researching and evaluating green, non-toxic and organic home furnishings. They launched their website in early 2007 to share the results of the products they discovered. Every product line they carry has been thoroughly researched and tested, saving consumers countless hours searching for furnishings and products that make a greener, healthier home.

The Inland Empire has experienced a 50 percent increase in green jobs from 1995 to 2008. The San Bernardino area energy efficiency job growth was very strong with energy conservation projects leading the way. The area has also benefited from growth in jobs related to renewable energy generation, particularly solar and wind power. Green transportation jobs, especially those related to the production of alternative fuels, have also been flourishing in the region. (Next10, Many Shades of Green, 2009)

Thank you for being an entrepreneur in California! Your innovation, drive and commitment to excellence will continue to ensure that California is at the forefront of green economic development and job creation, putting people to work and creating a better world for future generations.

La Ronda Bowen
CA Air Resources Board

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