Small Business Benefits from the Green Economy

Redding – October 19, 2010

Dear Small Business Owner,

This is the seventh email in our series that highlights businesses like yours all across California, that are cutting costs and supporting the public and private efforts to create a cleaner, more efficient, and more robust economy. The northern Sacramento Valley area businesses featured below have taken practical, productive and straightforward actions to save energy, gain new customers, and boost their bottom line.

Learn about the specific things you can do as a progressive entrepreneur and small business owner to  grow your company in the green economy while cutting costs at the same time. Download a brochure with five easy steps to help you profit from sustainable practices.

Read more about these and other local businesses, just like you, that are benefiting from being at the forefront of California's new sustainable economy.

  • Shepherd’s Sustainable Sleep: Shepherd's Dream has supplied bedding made of organic cotton and wool for over 20 years. They also re-use boxes, buy 100% postconsumer paper, buy materials and equipment from thrift stores, use energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and even use organic hand-soap! They are proof that a business can make green choices and still remain competitive with bigger businesses.
  • Fostering Green Growth: Ecowood Retail Displays uses post-consumer and post-industrial reclaimed wood, generally from the large beams of commercial buildings that have been deconstructed. Ecowood creates finishes using a multi-step process based on an environmentally-friendly waterborne system from General Finishes. The low VOC content of the finish and the state of-the-art application methods ensure that both consumers and employees remain safe. Waste wood generated during production is donated to local residents.
  • Sustainable Fashion and Design: McFarland Designs combines jewelry with a passion for sustainability. McFarland Designs uses 100% recycled Harmony Metals and fair trade stones, and many lab-created stones in their designs. Lab-created stones, also called “synthetic”, “cultured”, or “man-made”, are created using much less energy than is expended in traditional gem mining, so their impact on the environment is much less. McFarland Designs also uses recycled office paper, ships jewelry in boxes made from recycled materials and gently used bubble mailers they obtain from a local radio station
  • Natural, Traditional, Environmental: Frey Vineyards has a tradition of sustainability that started 30 years ago. They make all of their fine, organic wines without added sulfites. Frey Vineyards set a goal of being "carbon neutral," and had an energy audit as the first step. As a result, they installed a 17 kilowatt solar array to their own power for their forklift, bottling equipment, and energy-efficient lighting and motors. Other carbon-reducing practices include the use of recycled office and label paper, tree planting and forest protection in the surrounding wilderness.
  • Harnessing The Wind: Eco-Technology Solutions™ (ETS) offers the most affordable, high-quality wind turbines available on the market in their effort to make renewable energy accessible to everyone. ETS does a full assessment of the proposed site, which includes a wind analysis using the latest meteorological equipment. ETS provides this service for free and with no obligation to buy.

The northern Sacramento Valley has experienced a 41 percent increase in green jobs from 1995 to 2008. The Redding area benefited from new jobs created in renewable energy generation, especially solar power and biomass. Shasta Community College’s green workforce training and The City of Redding’s renewable energy portfolio and energy efficiency programs have made the northern Sacramento Valley a central hub of the green economy. (Next10, Many Shades of Green, 2009)

Thank you for being an entrepreneur in California! Your innovation, drive and commitment to excellence will continue to ensure that California is at the forefront of green economic development and job creation, putting people to work and creating a better world for future generations.

La Ronda Bowen
CA Air Resources Board

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