Quality Assurance Sitelist

The following are sites that have been audited by the Quality Assurance Section.
You can get the specifics for each of these sites by clicking on the name or highlighted area.
CARB Site NumberSite NameCountyAgencyActive?
80128Alpine-Victoria DriveSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
30031Anaheim - Near RoadOrangeSouth Coast AQMDYes
30178Anaheim-Loara SchoolOrangeSouth Coast AQMDYes
17720Anderson SpringsLakeLake County AQMDYes
45567Anderson-North StreetShastaShasta County AQMDYes
15249Arvin - Di GiorgioKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
15247Arvin-Bear Mountain BlvdKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
70042AT&SF (Exide)Los AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
40848Atascadero Lift Station #5San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
40847Atascadero-Lewis AvenueSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDNo
31815Auburn - Atwood RdPlacerPlacer County APCDYes
31813Auburn - Dewitt - C AvenuePlacerPlacer County APCDNo
70060AzusaLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDNo
15258Bakersfield - AirportKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
15257Bakersfield - Municipal AirportKernSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
15259Bakersfield - WestwindKernSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
15255Bakersfield-California AvenueKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
15256Bakersfield-GoldenKernSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
33164Banning-AirportRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
36155BarstowSan BernardinoMojave Desert AQMDYes
07436Berkeley - Aquatic ParkAlamedaBay Area AQMDYes
07435Berkeley-6th & CameliaAlamedaBay Area AQMDNo
07442Bethel Island RoadContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
36001Big BearSan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
33201Blythe-Murphy StreetRiversideCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
13601Bombay BeachImperialImperial Irrigation DistrictYes
13701Brawley-Main Street #2ImperialImperial County APCDYes
70069BurbankLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDNo
13700Calexico-EastImperialCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
13698Calexico-Ethel StreetImperialCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
13695Calexico-Grant StreetImperialImperial County APCDNo
80198Camp PendletonSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
15310CanebrakeKernEastern Kern APCDYes
27550Carmel Valley-Ford RoadMontereyMonterey Bay Unified APCDYes
42402Carpinteria-Gobernador RoadSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
40990Carrizo PlainsSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
40853CDF - Arroyo GrandeSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
32823ChesterPlumasNorthern Sierra AQMDYes
04625Chico - East AvenueButteCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
04628Chico-ManzanitaButteCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
80114Chula VistaSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
70043Closet World (Quemetco)Los AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
49886CloverdaleSonomaNorthern Sonoma County APCDYes
10248Clovis-N Villa AvenueFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
31818Colfax-City HallPlacerPlacer County APCDYes
06646Colusa-Sunrise BlvdColusaCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
70112Compton Los AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
07448ConcordContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
09693Cool (seasonal)El DoradoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
16719Corcoran-Patterson AvenueKingsSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
14720Coso Junction - BlastInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDNo
14724Coso Junction - GateInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
14696Coso Junction - Hwy. 395InyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
14718Coso Junction - Navy 1InyoGreat Basin Unified APCDNo
30195Costa Mesa-Mesa Verde DriveOrangeSouth Coast AQMDNo
08659Crescent City - Crescent Elk SchoolDel NorteNorth Coast Unified AQMDYes
08657Crescent City - NorthcrestDel NorteNorth Coast Unified AQMDNo
07437Crockett-Kendall AvenueContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
44851DavenportSanta CruzMonterey Bay Unified APCDNo
57577Davis-UCD CampusYoloCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
14151Death Valley NP - Park VillageInyoNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
80133Del Mar - Winston SchoolSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
14022Dirty SocksInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
09695Echo Summit (seasonal)El DoradoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
15242EdisonKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
80132El Cajon - Floyd Smith DriveSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
80135El Cajon - Lexington Elementary SchoolSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
80131El Cajon-Redwood AvenueSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
42370El Capitan BeachSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDNo
13694El Centro-9th StreetImperialImperial County APCDYes
56436El Rio-Rio Mesa School #2VenturaVentura County APCDYes
34310Elk Grove - Bruceville RoadSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDYes
80115Escondido-E Valley ParkwaySan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
12503Eureka - 6th & IHumboldtNorth Coast Unified AQMDNo
12507Eureka - Humboldt HillHumboldtNorth Coast Unified AQMDNo
12505Eureka - Jacobs Ave.HumboldtNorth Coast Unified AQMDYes
48880Fairfield-ChadbourneSolanoBay Area AQMDYes
44857Felton AMSSanta CruzMonterey Bay Unified APCDNo
14024Flat RockInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
34311Folsom-Natoma StreetSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDYes
36197Fontana-Arrow HighwaySan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
21457Forest KnollsMarinBay Area AQMDYes
23758Fort Bragg - 300 Dana StreetMendocinoMendocino County AQMDYes
23756Fort Bragg-N Franklin StreetMendocinoMendocino County AQMDNo
21454Fort CronkhiteMarinBay Area AQMDYes
60336Fremont-Chapel WayAlamedaBay Area AQMDNo
10244Fresno - DrummondFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
10246Fresno - First StreetFresnoCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
10252Fresno - Foundry ParkFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
10251Fresno - GarlandFresnoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
10025Fresno - PacificFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
10245Fresno - SkyparkFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
42399Gaviota - NojoquiSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDNo
43389Gilroy-9th StreetSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDYes
17728GlenbrookLakeLake County AQMDYes
70591Glendora-LaurelLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
42404Goleta-FairviewSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
29800Grass Valley-Litton BuildingNevadaNorthern Sierra AQMDYes
04636GridleyButteCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
40844Grover Beach-Lesage DriveSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
49895Guerneville-Church and 1stSonomaNorthern Sonoma County APCDYes
16716Hanford-S Irwin StreetKingsSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
60337HaywardAlamedaBay Area AQMDYes
49999Healdsburg - Limmerick LnSonomaNorthern Sonoma County APCDNo
49898Healdsburg - MathesonSonomaNorthern Sonoma County APCDYes
49899Healdsburg-Municipal AirportSonomaNorthern Sonoma County APCDNo
36201Hesperia-Olive StreetSan BernardinoMojave Desert AQMDYes
17725Hobergs-Pine SummitLakeLake County AQMDYes
35823Hollister-Fairview RoadSan BenitoMonterey Bay Unified APCDYes
10247Huron - 4th StreetFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
33157Indio-Jackson StreetRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
03614Jackson-Clinton RoadAmadorCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
22744JerseydaleMariposaCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
36152Joshua Tree NP - Black RockSan BernardinoNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
36150Joshua Tree NP - CottonwoodRiversideNational Park Service (NPS)No
36154Joshua Tree NP - Cottonwood #2RiversideNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
36151Joshua Tree NP - Pinto WellsRiversideNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
14728Keeler-Cerro Gordo RoadInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
27551King CityMontereyMonterey Bay Unified APCDNo
27555King City - PearlMontereyMonterey Bay Unified APCDYes
30177La HabraOrangeSouth Coast AQMDYes
33158Lake Elsinore-W Flint StreetRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
36181Lake Gregory (Crestline)San BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
17715Lakeport - S. Main StreetLakeLake County AQMDYes
17713Lakeport-Lakeport BlvdLakeLake County AQMDNo
70303Lancaster - FairgroundsLos AngelesAntelope Valley AQMDYes
70301Lancaster-Division StreetLos AngelesAntelope Valley AQMDNo
70096Lancaster-W Ponderosa StreetLos AngelesAntelope Valley AQMDNo
60351Laney CollegeAlamedaBay Area AQMDYes
42101Las Flores Canyon #1Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
42037Las Flores Canyon-Odor siteSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
45566Lassen Volcanic National ParkShastaNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
47872Lava BedsSiskiyouSiskiyou County APCDNo
10240LebecKernSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
15990Lebec - Peace Valley Rd.Los AngelesCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
26779Lee Vining-SMSMonoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
31817Lincoln - 1445 1st St.PlacerPlacer County APCDNo
31816Lincoln - 204 L St.PlacerPlacer County APCDNo
31811Lincoln - 2885 Moore RoadPlacerPlacer County APCDYes
60344Livermore - RinconAlamedaBay Area AQMDYes
14733Lizard TailInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
39901Lodi Diesel-EastSan JoaquinImperial Irrigation DistrictNo
39900Lodi Diesel-WestSan JoaquinImperial Irrigation DistrictNo
42394Lompoc-HS&PSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
42098Lompoc-OdorSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
42381Lompoc-South H StreetSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
14701Lone PineInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
14700Lone Pine Sewer PondsInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDNo
14699Lone Pine-E Locust StreetInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDNo
70073Long Beach - HudsonLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDNo
70032Long Beach - Route 710 Near RoadLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
70033Long Beach - Signal HillLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
70111Los Angeles - LAXLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
70091Los Angeles - VA HospitalLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
70087Los Angeles-North Main StreetLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
43380Los GatosSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDYes
42395Los Padres National ForestSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
46854Loyalton-W 3rd StreetSierraNorthern Sierra AQMDNo
36208Lucerne Valley - Middle SchoolSan BernardinoMojave Desert AQMDYes
70084LynwoodLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDNo
20211Madera - Pump YardMaderaSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
10241Madera CityMaderaSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
26785Mammoth Lakes-Gateway HCMonoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
24531Manteca AMSSan JoaquinSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
15246MaricopaKernSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
07434Martinez-Jones StreetContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
33033Mecca - Saul MartinezRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
24528Merced - Coffee RoadMercedSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
24510Merced M StreetMercedSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
14734MillInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
33163Mira Loma - BellegraveRiversideSouth Coast AQMDNo
33165Mira Loma-Van BurenRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
30002Mission ViejoOrangeSouth Coast AQMDYes
50568Modesto-14th StreetStanislausCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
15252MojaveKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
15251Mojave - CA 58 BusinessKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
15254Mojave - Pat AvenueKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
36153Mojave National Preserve - KelsoSan BernardinoNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
26011Mono Lake - North ShoreMonoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
26782Mono Lake-Simis ResidenceMonoGreat Basin Unified APCDNo
40833Morro BaySan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
40831Morro Bay - Kings AveSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
47853Mt. Shasta - Cedar StreetSiskiyouSiskiyou County APCDYes
47871Mt. Shasta - Old Stage RoadSiskiyouSiskiyou County APCDNo
70061Mt. WilsonLos AngelesCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
28785Napa Valley CollegeNapaBay Area AQMDYes
28783Napa-Jefferson AvenueNapaBay Area AQMDNo
13603Naval Test BaseImperialImperial Irrigation DistrictYes
13997Niland-English RoadImperialImperial County APCDYes
40852Nipomo - Regional ParkSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
40849Nipomo-Guadalupe RoadSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
40991Nipomo-HillviewSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDNo
33155NorcoRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
14727North Beach Owens LakeInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
34294North Highlands-Blackfoot WaySacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDNo
70034North HollywoodLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
70072North Long Beach (Long Beach)Los AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
60347Oakland - EastAlamedaBay Area AQMDYes
60349Oakland - WestAlamedaBay Area AQMDYes
60345Oakland-Filbert StreetAlamedaBay Area AQMDNo
15243OildaleKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
56172Ojai - East Ojai AvVenturaVentura County APCDYes
14735Olancha - Well 404InyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
14729Olancha-Walker CreekInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDNo
36035Ontario - Near Road (Etiwanda)San BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
36036Ontario - Route 60 Near RoadSan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
36025Ontario-Fire StationSan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDNo
40854Oso Flaco SiteSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
80139Otay MesaSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
80140Otay Mesa - Donovan Correctional FacilitySan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
14730Owens Lake-Ash Point-StanleyInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
33137Palm Springs-Fire StationRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
80117Palomar AirportSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
04638Paradise - AirportButteCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
04631Paradise - BirchButteButte County AQMDNo
04641Paradise - Clark RdButteCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
04633Paradise - TheaterButteCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
10230ParlierFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
10231Parlier-TuolumneFresnoCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
70088PasadenaLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
40850Paso RoblesSan Luis ObispoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
60342Patterson PassAlamedaBay Area AQMDNo
33149PerrisRiversideSouth Coast AQMDNo
36207Phelan-Beekley Road & Phelan RSan BernardinoMojave Desert AQMDYes
70185Pico Rivera #2Los AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
35824Pinnacles National MonumentSan BenitoNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
56450Piru - PacificVenturaVentura County APCDYes
07430Pittsburg-10th StreetContra CostaBay Area AQMDNo
09697Placerville - Canal StreetEl DoradoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
09690Placerville-Gold Nugget WayEl DoradoCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
60353Pleasanton - Owens Ct.AlamedaBay Area AQMDYes
21453Point ReyesMarinCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
70075PomonaLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
10243PortervilleTulareSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
32826Portola - Gulling StreetPlumasNorthern Sierra AQMDYes
32825Portola - Nevada StreetPlumasNorthern Sierra AQMDNo
32821Quincy-N Church StreetPlumasNorthern Sierra AQMDYes
52902Red Bluff - Main StreetTehamaTehama County APCDNo
52903Red Bluff - Walnut StTehamaTehama County APCDYes
52901Red Bluff-Messer DriveTehamaTehama County APCDNo
52911Red Bluff-Oak StreetTehamaTehama County APCDNo
40999Red HillsSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
45561Redding - BuckeyeShastaShasta County AQMDNo
45555Redding - Health DepartmentShastaShasta County AQMDYes
45560Redding - ToyonShastaShasta County AQMDNo
36204RedlandsSan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
41541Redwood CitySan MateoBay Area AQMDYes
70044Rehrig (Exide)Los AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
43381Reid Hillview AirportSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDYes
70074ResedaLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
07441Richmond-7th StreetContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
07432Richmond-Point RichmondContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
15300Ridgecrest - California AvKernEastern Kern APCDNo
15301Ridgecrest - WardKernEastern Kern APCDYes
33146Riverside-MagnoliaRiversideSouth Coast AQMDNo
07446Rodeo-Third StContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
98902Roseville Railyard-ChurchPlacerPlacer County APCDNo
98900Roseville Railyard-DenioPlacerPlacer County APCDNo
98901Roseville Railyard-PoolPlacerPlacer County APCDNo
98903Roseville Railyard-VernonPlacerPlacer County APCDNo
31822Roseville-N Sunrise AvePlacerCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
33144Rubidoux - Mission BlvdRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
70046SA RecyclingSan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
34305Sacramento - 1309 T StreetSacramentoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
34314Sacramento - Airport RoadSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDNo
34279Sacramento - Bercut DriveSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDYes
34284Sacramento-Branch Center #2SacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDYes
34295Sacramento-Del Paso ManorSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDYes
34289Sacramento-El CaminoSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDNo
34315Sacramento-GoldenlandSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDNo
34277Sacramento-Health DeptSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDNo
27554Salinas #3MontereyMonterey Bay Unified APCDYes
13604Salton CityImperialImperial Irrigation DistrictYes
33602Salton Sea ParkRiversideImperial Irrigation DistrictYes
05633San Andreas-Gold Strike RoadCalaverasCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
36203San BernardinoSan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
33199San Bernardino - KVCR TowerSan BernardinoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
41539San Carlos Airport IISan MateoBay Area AQMDNo
80142San Diego - BeardsleySan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
80136San Diego - Kearny Villa RoadSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
80123San Diego - OverlandSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
80201San Diego - Rancho Carmel DriveSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
80130San Diego - UnionSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
90306San Francisco-Arkansas StreetSan FranciscoBay Area AQMDYes
43383San Jose - Jackson StSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDYes
43385San Jose - Knox AveSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDYes
43391San Jose - Tully RoadSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDNo
35821San Juan BautistaSan BenitoMonterey Bay Unified APCDYes
60343San LeandroAlamedaBay Area AQMDNo
44858San Lorenzo Valley Middle SchoolSanta CruzMonterey Bay Unified APCDYes
40837San Luis Obispo - Roberto CtSan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County APCDYes
40836San Luis Obispo-Higuera StreetSan Luis ObispoCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
43393San MartinSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDYes
07447San Pablo-RumrillContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
21451San RafaelMarinBay Area AQMDYes
60341San Ramon - Alcosta BlvdContra CostaBay Area AQMDYes
80143San YsidroSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDNo
42401Santa Barbara - UCSB CampusSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
42409Santa Barbara-National Guard ArmorySanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
70090Santa Clarita-PlaceritaLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
44200Santa Cruz AMSSanta CruzMonterey Bay Unified APCDYes
42367Santa Maria - Orcutt RdSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
42408Santa Maria - South BroadwaySanta BarbaraCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
49893Santa RosaSonomaBay Area AQMDNo
42369Santa YnezSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDYes
44854Scotts Valley #4 - Scotts Valley DriveSanta CruzMonterey Bay Unified APCDNo
44856Scotts Valley AMSSanta CruzMonterey Bay Unified APCDNo
49891SebastopolSonomaBay Area AQMDYes
54009Sequoia National Park-Ash MountainTulareNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
54036Sequoia National Park-Lower KaweahTulareNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
15248ShafterKernCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
47875Shasta Lake - Lake BlvdShastaShasta County AQMDYes
47873Shasta Lake-La MesaShastaShasta County AQMDNo
14025Shell CutInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
80147Sherman Elementary SchoolSan DiegoSan Diego County APCDYes
56434Simi Valley - Cochran StreetVenturaVentura County APCDYes
56437Simi Valley - Upper AirVenturaVentura County APCDYes
34312SloughhouseSacramentoSacramento Metropolitan AQMDYes
57913SNAPS - Marycrest ManorLos AngelesCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
57915SNAPS - Sentinel Peak ResourcesLos AngelesCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
13602Sonny BonoImperialImperial Irrigation DistrictYes
55930Sonora - Barretta StreetTuolumneCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
09670South Lake Tahoe-Airport (seasonal)El DoradoCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
09691South Lake Tahoe-Sandy WayEl DoradoCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
70110South Long BeachLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
39255Stockton - University ParkSan JoaquinCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
39252Stockton-HazeltonSan JoaquinCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
39288Stockton-Wagner-Holt SchoolSan JoaquinSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDNo
43394Sunnyvale-TiconderogaSanta ClaraBay Area AQMDNo
51899Sutter Buttes (seasonal)SutterCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
15250Taft - CollegeKernSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDNo
31819Tahoe City - 221 Fairway DrivePlacerPlacer County APCDYes
33031Temecula - Lake SkinnerRiversideSouth Coast AQMDYes
56435Thousand Oaks-Moorpark RoadVenturaVentura County APCDYes
33601Torres - MartinezRiversideImperial Irrigation DistrictYes
39271Tracy - AirportSan JoaquinSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
10242TranquilityFresnoSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
36220Trona - Athol/Telescope #2San BernardinoMojave Desert AQMDYes
29794Truckee - Fire StationNevadaNorthern Sierra AQMDYes
50573Turlock-S Minaret StreetStanislausSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDYes
52910Tuscan Butte (seasonal)TehamaCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
36211Twentynine Palms - Adobe RoadSan BernardinoMojave Desert AQMDYes
70045Uddeholm (Trojan Battery)Los AngelesSouth Coast AQMDYes
23769Ukiah - Gobbi StreetMendocinoMendocino County AQMDYes
23764Ukiah - LibraryMendocinoMendocino County AQMDYes
36175UplandSan BernardinoSouth Coast AQMDYes
48881Vacaville-Merchant StreetSolanoYolo-Solano AQMDYes
48884Vacaville-Ulatis DriveSolanoYolo-Solano AQMDYes
48879VallejoSolanoBay Area AQMDYes
70041Van Nuys AirportLos AngelesSouth Coast AQMDNo
42390Vandenberg Air Force Base-STSSanta BarbaraSanta Barbara County APCDNo
56433Ventura-Emma Wood State BeachVenturaVentura County APCDNo
36306Victorville - Park AvenueSan BernardinoMojave Desert AQMDYes
54568VisaliaTulareCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
54000Visalia - AirportTulareSan Joaquin Valley Unified APCDNo
54569Visalia - W. Ashland AvenueTulareCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
44852Watsonville-Airport BoulevardSanta CruzMonterey Bay Unified APCDNo
53915WeavervilleTrinityNorth Coast Unified AQMDYes
47851Weed - Elementary School - SPMSiskiyouCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
57570West Sacramento-15th StreetYoloYolo-Solano AQMDYes
13697WestmorlandImperialImperial County APCDYes
29802White Cloud (seasonal)NevadaCalifornia Air Resources BoardNo
14732White Mountain Research CenterInyoGreat Basin Unified APCDYes
23755Willits - Blosser LaneMendocinoMendocino County AQMDYes
23754Willits - Justice CenterMendocinoMendocino County AQMDNo
23753Willits-FirehouseMendocinoMendocino County AQMDNo
23770Willits-Main StreetMendocinoMendocino County AQMDNo
11676Willows-ColusaGlennCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
57582Woodland-Gibson RoadYoloYolo-Solano AQMDYes
22745Yosemite Natl Park - Glacier PointMariposaNational Park Service (NPS)No
22741Yosemite Natl Park - School YardMariposaNational Park Service (NPS)No
22746Yosemite Natl Park-TurtlebackMariposaNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
22742Yosemite Village - Visitor CenterMariposaCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes
47861YrekaSiskiyouSiskiyou County APCDYes
51898Yuba CitySutterCalifornia Air Resources BoardYes