Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

School Bus Retrofit and Replacement Account - Project Benefits

Proposition 1B, which was approved by the voters on November 7th, 2006, enacts the Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006. This bond act authorizes $200 million for replacing and retrofitting school buses. The following identifies the project benefits.

Assembly District 2

School District Number of Bus Replacements Particulate Matter Emissions Reduced (tpy) Oxides of Nitrogen Emissions Reduced (tpy) Number of Bus Retrofits Particulate Matter Emissions Reduced (tpy)
Anderson Union High20.0360.5480.032
Antelope Elementary00020.008
Bella Vista Elementary10.0180.2720.008
Big Springs Union Elementary00010.004
Biggs Unified00030.012
Black Butte Union Elementary00040.016
Browns Elementary00020.008
Butte Valley Unified10.0180.2720.008
Butteville Union Elementary00010.004
Capay Joint Union Elementary00010.004
Columbia Elementary00040.016
Colusa Unified00030.012
Corning Union Elementary00080.032
Corning Union High00020.008
Cottonwood Union Elementary20.0360.5450.02
Dunsmuir Elementary00010.004
Dunsmuir Joint Union High00010.004
Durham Unified00060.024
East Nicolaus Joint Union High00030.012
Enterprise Elementary10.0180.2730.012
Esparto Unified00040.016
Evergreen Union20.0360.5470.028
Fall River Joint Unified20.0360.5450.02
Gateway Unified60.1081.6240.016
Gazelle Union Elementary00010.004
Gerber Union Elementary00020.008
Grant Elementary00010.004
Grenada Elementary10.0180.2710.004
Hamilton Unified00040.016
Happy Camp Union Elementary10.0180.2710.004
Igo, Ono, Platina Union Elementary10.0180.2700
Junction Elementary00030.012
Lassen View Union Elementary00030.012
Los Molinos Unified10.0180.2700
Manton Joint Union Elementary10.0180.2700
Marcum-Illinois Union Elementary00010.004
Maxwell Unified10.0180.2700
McCloud Union Elementary00010.004
Millville Elementary00010.004
Mt. Shasta Union Elementary00010.004
Orland Unified10.0180.2780.032
Pacheco Union Elementary10.0180.2720.008
Pierce Joint Unified10.0180.2700
Plum Valley Elementary00010.004
Princeton Joint Unified00010.004
Red Bluff Joint Union High00020.008
Red Bluff Union Elementary10.0180.2720.008
Redding Elementary000120.048
Scott Valley Unified10.0180.2700
Shasta County Office of Education20.0360.54110.044
Shasta Union High30.0540.81100.04
Siskiyou County Office of Education00020.008
Siskiyou Union High10.0180.2720.008
Surprise Valley Joint Unified10.0180.2700
Sutter Union High10.0180.2700
Tehama County Office of Education00030.012
Tulelake Basin Joint Unified00050.02
Weed Union Elementary00020.008
Wheatland Union High00040.016
Williams Unified00010.004
Willows Unified00040.016
Yuba City Unified20.0360.54370.148
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