State of California

Summary of Board Meeting
November 10, 1994

Air Resources Board
Board Hearing Room, Lower Level
2020 "L" Street
Sacramento, California

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Hons. Jacqueline E. Schafer, Chairwoman
                                                 Brian Bilbray
                                                 Eugene A. Boston, M.D.
                                                 Joseph C. Calhoun, P.E.
                                                 Lynne T. Edgerton, Esq.
                                                 M. Patricia Hilligoss
                                                 John S. Lagarias, P.E.
                                                 Jack C. Parnell
                                                 Barbara Riordan
                                                 Doug Vagim



Continuation of the Public Hearing to Consider Approval of a Revision to the California State Implementation Plan


The Board continued with testimony on the State elements of the SIP.


Ralph Engel, Ph.D.                     Chemical Specialties Manufacturers

Richard L. Klimisch, Ph.D.         American Auto Manufacturers

Mike Schwarz                            Ford Motor Company

Reg Modlin                                Chrysler Corporation

Al Weverstad                             General Motors

Peter Welch                               California Motor Car Dealers

Karen Rasmussen                       California Trucking Association

Allen Schaeffer                           American Trucking Association

Jed Mandel                                Engine Manufacturers Association

Michael Keeley                          Deputy Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Arthur Brown                             Southern California Association of

James Lents, Ph.D.                     South Coast Air Quality
                                                  Management District

John Hunter                                Orange County Private Sector Task
                                                  Force/FIP Working Group

Larry Wismer                             Allied Signal/Fuel Cells for

Kirk Marckwald                         Association of American Railroads

Mark Stehly                                Association of American Railroads

Patrick Schlesinger, Esq.             Landels, Ripley & Diamond for
                                                   General Electric

Paul Morrison                              Brotherhood of Locomotive

Richard Matteis                            California Grain & Feed

Rodney Jones                               Mayor, City of Anderson

Jim Ortner, Ph.D.                         Orange County Transportation

John H. Crowley                          Equipment Manufacturers Institute

Manuel Cunha                              Nisei Farmers League

Steve Birdsell                               Ag Commissioner, Imperial

Robert Kanter                              Port of Long Beach

Andrew Hirsch                             Southern California Gas Company

Greg Vlasek                                 California Natural Gas Vehicle

Margaret Huson                           Maritime Coalition for Clean Air

Ted Holcombe                             PG&E

Dan Hays, M.D.                          USC, Children's Hospital of L.A.

David L. Modisette                      California Electric Transportation

Jennifer Jennings, Esq.                  Planning and Conservation League
                                                    and Sierra Club

Roland Hwang                              Union of Concerned Scientists

Veronica Kun, Esq.                       NRDC

Bob Austin                                    California Association of School
                                                     Transportation Officials

Jim Lantry                                     California Retail Air Quality

Bruce Bertelsen                             MECA

Joseph J. Brecher                          Sierra Club/Environmental
                                                     Council of Sacramento

Robert Feenstra                             Milk Producers Council

Denny Zane                                   Clean Air Coalition

Jim Mattesich, Esq.                        CTFA

Tom Probst                                    Western Aerosol Information

Bryan Ruble                                   SC Johnson

Bruce Varner                                 Helene Curtis

Earle Borman                                 L & F Products

Joan Brenan                                   Proctor & Gamble

Jay Shi                                           Proctor & Gamble

Laurie Nelson                                Reckitt & Colman/Clorox

Kevin Loftus                                  Gillette

Gene Livingston, Esq.                     Soap & Detergent Association

After hearing testimony from the above witnesses, the Board adjourned and continued further testimony on the statewide and local elements of the SIP on November 15, 1994.