File Compression using
Microsoft Zip Utility in Windows XP & ME

This page last reviewed September 19, 2008

Use the following instructions to compress files on a computer that does not have a file compression utility such as WinZip installed and uses Microsoft Windows XP or ME operating system. Compressing files allows for reliable transfers to other users or computers.

  1. my computer

    Open My Computer. From the Desktop, click the My Computer shortcut, or click the Start button then click My Computer. My Computer opens.

  2. send to drop down

    Navigate to and Right-click the file that you want to compress. A drop down menu appears.

  3. my file

    From the drop down menu, click Send To, then select Compressed (zipped) Folder. Your file is copied, compressed and inserted into the zip folder containing a .zip file extension.

To Add More Files - Drag and drop the files into the  zip folder  .zip folder.

To Change the .zip Folder Name - Right-click the zip folder, select Rename then type a new name for the folder retaining the .zip extension.

Note: If you share compressed folders with users on other computer systems, you may want to limit the compressed folder names to eight characters with a .zip file name extension.

Compression Software Alternatives