Attending a Board Meeting in San Francisco

This page last reviewed August 08, 2011

This particular Board meeting will be held July 26-27, 2001, in the Whitcomb Ballroom at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, located at 1231 Market Street, San Francisco, California.

The Board Meeting agenda is available from the Public Information Office (916) 322-2990 at least 10 days prior to a Board Meeting. It will also be available on this website. Board Meetings are open to the Public.

The Public Meeting Agenda lists agenda items in numerical order. Every effort will be made to adhere to that order. Occasionally, it may be necessary for the Board Chairman to rearrange the sequence of an agenda item. The Chairman prides himself on following the Board meeting schedule, in order to provide a forum for maximum public participation. Please keep in mind that definite timelines are difficult, and in some cases impossible, to predict in advance. Your understanding is appreciated.

The Board welcomes testimony from the public on agenda items being presented to the Board. However, some agenda items may generate considerable public interest and a large number of people wishing to present testimony. Therefore, in the interest of time, the Chairman may request that potential testifiers limit their presentations to the Board to five (5) minutes. This will ensure that the Board will be able to hear all viewpoints in a timely manner. If the Chairman so requests, please be prepared to succinctly present your views and adhere to the five (5) minute time limit. Please understand that this limit will not necessarily be imposed on testimony on all agenda

  There will be an Open Comment Period to allow an opportunity for interested members of the public to address the Board on items of interest that do not specifically appear on the agenda. Although no formal Board action may be taken, the Board will hear testimony on subject matters within the jurisdiction of the Board. Each person will be allowed a maximum of five minutes to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak.

Please contact the Clerk of the Board, at (916) 322-5594 or (TDD 324-9531) to submit written comments on an agenda item or to request special accommodations for persons with disabilities. If you wish to testify before the Board, please sign up with the Clerk of the Board at the Board meeting. Any written coments should also be submitted to the Clerk of the Board (30 copies are requested).