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for the November 18, 2004 Board Meeting

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For each Board meeting, ARB's Clerk of the Board compiles the "board book" to include all pertinent material for ARB board members to review prior to and during the board meeting. This webpage is designed to provide links to individual board agenda "items" for the ARB Board Meeting identified above. If you discover any problems with the scanning of these documents, please contact Danny Luna at (916) 323-6020.

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04-10-1 Report to the Board on a Health Update - Recent California Studies on Indoor and
Personal Exposure to Particulate Matter (PM)


04-10-2 Public Meeting to Consider a Research Proposals


04-10-3 Public Hearing to Consider Proposed Regulatory Amendments Extending the California Standards for Motor Vehicle Diesel Fuel to Diesel Fuel Used by Haborcraft and Intrastate Locomotives


04-10-A Ceremony: Renaming of the Central Valley Auditorium (starting at 11:00 a.m.)


04-10-4 Public Hearing to Consider the Amendments of Refining the California Phase 3 Reformulated Gasoline Regulations


04-10-9 Request for Delegation to Executive Officer to Consider and Adopt Emergency Amendment Delaying Start of Diesel Fuel Lubricity Standard from January 1, 2005 to May 1, 2005


04-10-5 Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the Nonvehicular Source, Consumer Products, and Architectural Coatings Fee Regulations


04-10-6 Public Hearing to Consider the Amendments to the Effective and Operative Dates for Enhanced Vapor Recovery Standards (including ORVR Compatibility) for Certification of Vapor Recovery Systems of Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (Service Stations)


04-10-7 Report to the Board on an Overview of Particulate Matter (PM) in California


04-10-8 Report to the Board on the Proposed List of Measures to Reduce Particulate Matter - PM10 and PM2.5 (Implementation of Senate Bill 656, Sher, 2003)


A CD is also available by contacting Danny Luna which should eliminate any download problems you might be experiencing. We will continue to provide electronic access to the Board agendas, meeting summaries and meeting transcripts from the Board Information & Meetings top page.