Recommendations for Creating and Using Handouts - Appendix C

This page last reviewed December 16, 2013

Guidelines for Creating Presentations

Appendix C


  1. Provide hard copies of your powerpoint slides.
    1. Use black and white copies unless the talk is for a very small, executive level meeting.
    2. Its OK to make the handout shorter than your presentation, i.e., with less slides.
    3. You may need to design a separate powerpoint file and layout just for the handouts so the slide order is consistent and the graphics will print properly. Color slide presentations do not always print correctly in black and white.
    4. Select the number of slides printed per page based on how the handouts will be used i.e.:
      • Board Presentations, Larger Audience = 6 Slides / Page
      • Workshops, Training, Smaller Audience = > 3 Slides / Page
      • Executive Level Meeting = > 2 Slides / Page
    5. Do not handout full size, 1 slide / page hard copies. This is wasteful.
  2. Detailed technical information which would not be appropriate presented as a slide.
  3. Other agency approved materials.

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