CAPCOA BACT Clearinghouse Resource Manual

This page last reviewed May 10, 2017

III. General Guide to Use of this Document

BACT determinations for individual applications are listed by industrial equipment and process categories. With a few exceptions and modifications, these categories used in Section XIV are identical to those used in the Best Available Control Technology Guideline published by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Each grouping is given on individual pages listed in alphabetical order. Within each grouping, the determinations are listed in reverse chronological order according to when they were received by the clearinghouse.

Regarding the accuracy and completeness of information for individual BACT determinations, the user should be cautious and consult with the district contact before using information in this manual as a basis for BACT or LAER determinations in permitting actions. The clearinghouse receives summary information at the time an authority to construct is issued by a district. Although substantial time has been invested into evaluating the accuracy of determinations when received by the clearinghouse and during any transcription of information, the information received is not always sufficiently complete. In some cases, completed forms may not be totally accurate, and, in other instances, clearinghouse staff may misinterpret information submitted by districts. Furthermore, districts may modify determinations subsequent to submittal and without the knowledge of clearinghouse staff. As a result, when using information as a basis for a new BACT or LAER determination, the information should be cross-checked with the district contact. Where the contact information provided is outdated, we suggest one use the alternative contact provided in Section X. However, your inquiries to district personnel about BACT determinations should be brief and to the point. Remember, district personnel have many demands on their time and are being gracious by taking time to answer your inquiries.

Finally, there is no pretension that the information in this document provides a comprehensive compilation of BACT and LAER decisions conducted by California districts. Determinations are submitted to the clearinghouse by California APCDs on a voluntary basis. With a few exceptions, the document only contains determinations submitted since 1985. Therefore, although this guide is a resource of BACT and LAER information, it should not be referenced as being an exhaustive listing of BACT determinations made in California.

If the readers primary interest is source-siting information, this document provides a description of both federal and state permitting programs followed by descriptions of individual siting processes. Table 1 provides an permitting roadmap for permit programs and processes covered in this document. Less informed users are advised to proceed sequentially through the document.

Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Clearinghouse Program