Clean Air -- California's Successes and Future Challenges

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In 1996, the California Environmental Protection Agency's Air Resources Board, in partnership with the California Air Pollution Officers Association (CAPCOA), reached out to our stake holders to learn their views of the present condition of the air pollution control programs in California. One of the top five key themes heard from stake holders throughout these forums was: "You have a good story to tell -- but you need to do a better job of telling it." We developed this presentation for air quality management personnel to reach out to their stake holders and tell our story.

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Presentation Overview

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Presentation Overview


"Clean Air -- California's Successes and Future Challenges" provides a basic presentation about air quality in California with a range of background and reference information. This presentation is easily modified, enabling users to meet a variety of speaking opportunities, within their own communities. The subjects covered include the history of air pollution and California's air pollution control programs; the current framework for California's air pollution control programs; improvements made over the past 30 years in California's air quality; new standards and challenges including programs needed to meet California's air quality goals; and actions each of us can take as individuals to help meet our continuing clean air challenges.


Since each audience is different, some initial planning is required to determine the audience and your time delivery needs. The material best suits audiences with some familiarity with air pollution programs. But, with some simplification of terminology, it can be used with general audiences such as parent-teacher associations, new board members and employees, church groups and service clubs, and other community organizations. This presentation can be directed to individuals, managers and employees of large and small businesses, those familiar with air pollution programs or regulations, and to those who just want to know more. Please feel free to modify this presentation based on your audiences' needs and/or level of understanding of air pollution terminology.       

Presentation Time

The delivery time, if all materials included are used, is approximately 45 minutes, including time for questions. The presentation is organized in subject areas which can be expanded upon or deleted, depending on the time available.

Two sample 20 minute talks are provided, showing slide choices for a general audience and a technical audience. Click Here to view the sample talks. Each slide topic and approximate speaking time is listed with general or technical/regulated audience designations, "G" and "T," respectively.

Presentation Materials

This site contains speaking notes, slides, references and a downloadable presentation available in Power Point. The information contained in this presentation is also summarized in a 12 minute video, "Clearing California Skies," developed by the Air Resources Board. This video can be used to supplement your presentation. Videos can be obtained by contacting the ARB Public Information Office at (916) 322-2990 or by viewing on-line at /videos/clskies.htm.

Speaking Notes

The presentation text is not designed to be read word for word, but focuses on key concepts and phrases suggested for use with each slide. For many slides, suggested language is provided, some require additional information on your area's or local air program's accomplishments and challenges. To obtain information on local and state programs call or write the appropriate

Slides The slides include historical photographs, graphs and text slides. The slides are included in a downloadable format. You may wish to modify or update the text slides to meet your needs.

References Reference materials available include information on air pollution history, general air quality, Air Resources Board programs, the Smog Check Program at the Bureau of Automotive Repair, air quality data, and information on personal choices.

Download the Presentation The presentation was produced using the Windows 95 Operating System with Microsoft Power Point 97. Two files are available. The " 50thfinal.ppt" file contains the presentation slides, including all the power point graphic slides and the associated speaking notes. "Presentation_Slides.ppt " contains only slides for projection -- no notes are included.

Two Sample 20-Minute Presentations

        General Technical
Introductory Remarks
Total Time:          
  Slide 1: Opening Remarks 1 min 1 min
History of California's Air Pollution and Programs
  Slide 2: Air Pollution and Control is not new. 1.5 min 1.5 min
  Slide 3: Historical Air Pollution Events .75 min .75 min
  Slide 4: Los Angeles 1943 Historical Event .75 min .5 min
  Slide 5: Governor Warren Signs the Air Pollution Control Act .5 min .5 min
  Slide 6: Arie Haagen-Smit Discovers Ozone .5 to 5 min -
generic terms
for longer talk.
.5 min -
as needed.
  Slide 7: Significant Legislative Events .5 to 3 min .5 min
  Slide 8: Population and Growth Overwhelm Controls .5 min .5 min
  Slide 9: Federal Clean Air Act, California Clean Air Act 1 min 1 min
Current Framework Of California's Air Pollution Control Programs
  Slide 10: State Implementation Plan Process and Responsibilities 2 min 2 min
  Slide 11: SIP Planning Process .5 min .5 min
  Slide 12: Programs Developed to Meet SIP Goals 0 min 3 min
30 Years Of Success In California's Air Quality Program
  Slide 13: Cleanest Air in 30 Years 2 min 2 min
Future Challenges and Air Programs Needed to Meet CA's Air Quality Goals
  Slide 14: Emission Reductions Needed to Meet 1994 SIP 1 min 2 min
  Slide 15: 1994 Ozone SIP Commitments 0 min 2 min
  Slide 16: ARB Mobile Source Reductions 0 min 2 min
What Each Individual Can Do To Meet Our Future Air Pollution Challenge
  Slide 17: Our Personnal Contribution - What Can I Do? 1-5 min 1-5 min
  Slide 18: Comparison Between Average Vehicles and Gross Polluters 1 min 1 min
Ending Remarks    
  Slide 19: Stay the Course! Personal Choices are a Part of the Challenge and the Solution for Clean Air! 1 min 1 min