District Program Reviews (Audits)

This page last reviewed December 4, 2012


The California Air Resources Board (ARB/Board) conducts reviews of the air pollution control and air quality management districts' (districts) air quality programs. The program review is conducted as part of ARB's oversight role with respect to districts in California and is in accordance with Section 41500 of the Health and Safety Code. The purpose of the district program reviews is to provide constructive feedback to the districts to assist the districts in carrying out their air quality programs. The program reviews acknowledge significant district accomplishments and makes recommendations for program improvement. This webpage provides links to the program review reports, as well as information on upcoming district program reviews.

Program Reviews Completed

Program Reviews in Progress
  • None at this time.

Upcoming Program Reviews
  • To be determined.

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For more information about the Program Reviews, please contact Hardip Judge at (916) 324-9512.