ARBER User Profile Help Page

This page last reviewed on February 7, 2012.

ARBER is the ARB Equipment Registration software for the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) ATCM and the Drayage Truck Regulation.   Initial registration in ARBER will allow you to create a company profile, establish users and user accounts for your company, and recieve an Owner Operator Number (OON).  The information below is provided to help registrants complete the User Profile Information section on ARBER.

If you have further questions on any of these terms or are having difficulty completing the information on the ARBER TRU Compliance Information Page, please call the TRU ATCM toll-free helpline:  888-TRU-ATCM (888-878-2826), or send email to

Information submitted must be true, accurate, and complete.  Within 30 days of a change in ownership or compliance status, the new information must be entered in the ARBER system.  This includes updates to the company profile and primary contact information.  Failure to report updates or submittal of false information is a violation of state law subject to civil and criminal penalties.

USER ACCOUNT INFORMATION (all fields required)
User Id Enter a user identification of your choice.  The User ID may be up to 20 characters consisting of numbers or letters.  This field does not accept spaces. ARBER recommends using an User ID that can be easily remembered such as the first letter of the first name and the last name without spaces.  
Password Enter a password of your choice with a minimum of 8-characters, either letters or numbers.  This field is case sensitive and no spaces are accepted. Make a note of your user id and password and keep it in a secure place.  
Name Provide your full-name in the proper spaces.
Email Address This email address must be unique. Enter the email address where you wish to be contacted. The email you enter must be unique to the system.  If you have created a company profile using the same email it will be rejected.  Go back to login and use the profile you created previously.  Keep your email updated.  If you change emails, please sign in to ARBER and update your email address.  
Phone NumberEnter a phone number where you wish to be contacted.
Hint Questions There are 5 drop-down hints and boxes. You must provide all 5 in order to allow us to refresh your password if it is forgotten.   Choose a hints that is very familiar to you.  They will be used to provide you with your password or User ID should you forget it.
Hint Answer Type in the answer to the hint you selected above.

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