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This page last reviewed on March 7, 2012.

ARBER is the ARB Equipment Registration software for the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) ATCM and the Drayage Truck Regulation.   Initial registration in ARBER will allow you to create a company profile, establish users and user accounts for your company, and receive an Owner Operator Number (OON).  The information below is provided to help registrants complete the Company Profile Information section on ARBER.

If you have further questions on any of these terms or are having difficulty completing the information on the ARBER TRU Compliance Information Page, please call the TRU ATCM toll-free helpline:  888-TRU-ATCM (888-878-2826), or send email to

Information submitted must be true, accurate, and complete.  Within 30 days of a change in ownership or compliance status, the new information must be entered in the ARBER system.  This includes updates to the company profile and primary contact information.  Failure to report updates or submittal of false information is a violation of state law subject to civil and criminal penalties.

ProgramChoose the program(s) which you will use to register in ARBER.
Business Name Enter your business or company name.  ARBER is set up to identify unique company profiles using the business tax identification (see below).  Your company should match the information submitted to the IRS for this identification.   The company profile set up is linked to the user name you established in the previous screen (User Account).  As the first user for this company you will automatically be assigned administrative rights for your company's information.  You will be able to assign additional users for your account through the User Account Administration tab.
Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN) Enter your federal employer identification number (EIN) in the following all numerical format:  XX-XXXXXXX.  Your Canadian Business Number (BN) in the following all numerical 9-digit format:  BN-XXXXXXXXX.

If you do not have an EIN, it can be obtained online at the IRS website.  Once your EIN is used to establish a company profile it cannot be used again.  ARBER is set up to identify unique company profiles using a business tax identification number.  If you mistakenly create multiple company profiles, you will not be able to view all of the equipment you have registered on the TRU Company Home page.  
Motor Carrier (US DOT) NumberEnter your US DOT Number up to 7 digits.If a US DOT nymber is required for your company, it is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Association.
Mailing Address part 1 Enter the street address for your company. ARBER uses address validation software to verify the address you enter against the U.S. Postal Service database.  In all likelihood, this software will alter your address to match the database.  Ensure that the address returned is your address.  If you have problems with the address returned by the database, please call the ARBER toll-free hotline: 888-TRU-ATCM.
Mailing Address part 2 Enter any suite numbers, apartment numbers or postal or mail box numbers. (see above)
City Enter the city where your business is located. (see above)
State or Province Enter the state where your business is located. (see above)
Country If the country where your business is located is not the U.S., enter the country here. (see above)
State Choose a state or province from the drop-down list.  If you business is not in North America, enter the State in the "other" text box. (see above)
Zip Enter the zip code where your business is located.   Zip + 4 is accepted.
Contact Last Name Enter the last name of your company's primary contact person.
Contact First Name Enter the first name of your company's primary contact person.
Contact Title Enter the title of your company's primary contact person.
Contact Email Enter the email of your company's primary contact person.
Contact Telephone NumberEnter the telephone number of your company's primary contact person.

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