Batch Upload Instructions

This page last reviewed June 21, 2017

This page provides instructions for ARBER batch uploads.  Batch uploading is only recommended if you are registering several hundred units or more.  If you have further questions on the batch upload process, please send an email to ARBER at or call 1-888-878-2826.
Click here to download the latest ARBER XML schema (Version 2.10) - Starting June 21, 2017, you will be required to use this version of the ARBER Schema.
Batch Upload Instructions

Step 1:  Complete and Submit a Batch Upload Application
Step 2:  Prepare an XML FIle 
Step 3:  Test the XML File on the ARBER Test Site 
Step 4:  Contact an ARBER Representative 
Step 5:  Upload the XML File to ARBER 
Step 6:  Comply with any Additional Requirements

Step 1:  Complete and Submit a Batch Upload Application

Before you begin, you must complete and submit a
batch upload application.  Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email containing your user name and password.  Use the user name and password to login to the ARBER Test Site .

Click here to download the Batch Upload Application

Please note that if you do not receive an email within ten business days, please send us an email.

Registered owners may delegate the registration responsibility to a third party.  If a third party will be registering your equipment, you must also complete and submit a third party agreement form.


Step 2:  Prepare an XML File

ARBER batch uploads require you to use XML. To upload your data, you must format your data as described in the ARBER XML Schema. Sample XML input and result files are also provided as an aid. 

Please note that NOT all the fields (e.g., OON and IDN) in the schema are required. Some fields will be automatically assigned by the system. To help you identify which fields are required in your file, it is recommended that to login to the ARBER Test Site and view the data entry screens for registering equipment.

Step 3: Test the XML File on the ARBER Test Site

Upload Steps

  1. To test your XML file, you must first login to the ARBER Test Site.
  2. To upload a file, select Batch Processing\Upload Batch File from the navigation tabs at the top of the page. Then click Browse and select your file.  Click Submit to begin your upload. The system will process batch files every 15 minutes. You will need to come back to the ARBER test site and check the status of your file.
  3. To check the status of your file, click Batch Process\Batch Load Results from the navigation tab. Once the file is processed, you may view the results on this page. This page will display the number of errors; the number of records processed; and an output file for all successfully processed records.
  4. Once you have successfully uploaded your file (i.e., the processed results in zero errors and displays the correct number of records processed), please go to Step 4.  You are now ready to proceed with the upload to the production site.

Please note that the output file contains trace numbers for each successfully processed record. If you plan on updating a record, you will need to add the record's trace number in your XML file.

Please note that any information (e.g., trace numbers, IDNs, and OONs) assigned by the ARBER Test Site is fictitious.  Please do not use this information for any official purposes.

Step 4:  Contact an ARBER Representative

Once you have completed a successful test, please contact an ARBER representative.  The ARBER representative will review your batch upload logs. If the ARBER representative determines that your upload appears to be successful, he or she will enable your company's batch upload privileges on the production site.

Step 5:  Upload the XML File to ARBER (

To upload your file, please follow the same upload steps in Step 3. Please note that due to the high volume of traffic on the production site, batch files are only processed once a day. Please make sure you complete all tests on the ARBER test site before uploading to the production site.

Step 6: Comply with any Additional Requirements

Once you have successfully completed your batch upload, please remember that you must comply with any additional requirements under the Drayage Truck Regulation and/or Transportation Refrigeration Unit ATCM.  The links below will provide you with information about the regulation requirements of each control measure.

Drayage Truck Regulation
Toll-Free Helpline:  1-888-247-4821

Transportation Refrigeration Unit ATCM
Toll-Free Helpline:  1-888-878-2826