1998 Particulate Monitoring Network Description

This page last reviewed August 26, 2003

The 1998 California Particulate Matter Monitoring Network Description described the particulate matter monitoring strategy for California through July 1999 (by which time the 1999 update was completed). The 1998 Network Description was approved by the Regional Administrator of the U.S. EPA Region 9.

The 1998 California Particulate Matter Monitoring Network Description consisted of a statewide summary and 17 appendices. The statewide summary, assembled by the ARB, addresses major elements of the PM2.5 network. Separate appendices describe the proposed network for each Monitoring Planning Area (MPA) (except that the Coachella Valley MPA network description is included with the South Coast MPA network description.

The following map shows the agency responsible for developing the PM2.5 monitoring network plan for each MPA.



The statewide summary and MPA plans are available and can be downloaded from the list below.

Plan Text * Acrobat
1998 California Particulate Matter Monitoring Network Description (Statewide summary) 131K (WP) 88K
Attachment 1: Existing Particulate Matter Monitoring Network in California (1998 and 1999) 426K (WP) 125K
Attachment 2: Proposed PM2.5 Monitoring Network in California (1998 and 1999) 57K (Ex) 19K
Attachment 3: PM2.5 Monitoring Sites to be funded in 1998 in California 52K (Ex) 16K
Attachment 4: Proposed PM2.5 Sampling Frequency for Monitoring Sites to be Funded in 1998 in California 44K (Ex) 16K
Attachment 5. Maps of Monitoring Planning Areas and Proposed PM2.5 Sites Request from:
Bay Area AQMD MPA 197K (Wd) 151K
Great Basin Unified APCD MPA 42K (WP) 33K
Imperial County APCD MPA 64K (WP) 45K
Lake County Air Basin MPA 57K (WP) 38K
Lake Tahoe Air Basin MPA 65K (WP) 46K
Mojave Desert Air Basin MPA 78K (WP) 52K
Monterey Bay Unified APCD MPA 97K (WP) 46K
Mountain Counties Air Basin MPA 91K (WP) 52K
North Coast Air Basin MPA 76K (WP) 47K
Northeast Plateau Air Basin MPA 63K (WP) 42K
Sacramento Valley Air Basin MPA 97K (WP) 60K
San Diego County APCD MPA 3132K (Wd) 2043K
San Joaquin Valley Unified APCD MPA 91K (Wd) 72K
San Luis Obispo County APCD MPA 42K (WP) 43K
Santa Barbara County APCD MPA 63K (WP) 44K
South Coast Air Basin & Coachella Valley MPAs 1597K
Ventura County APCD MPA 90K (Wd) 80K
* WordPerfect 6.1 (WP), Word 97 (Wd), or Excel 97 (Ex)

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