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The ARB and local air pollution agencies collect and report PM10 data from air pollution monitoring sites throughout California.   These data are used to measure air pollution levels and assist in determining appropriate regulatory actions.  PM10 data summaries are presented in this web site and are grouped by the following geographical areas.  To view these summaries, start by selecting the broad general area of interest to you.

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Acknowledgement:  The local air pollution control agencies, i.e., Air Quality Management Districts (AQMDs) and Air Pollution Control Districts (APCDs), throughout the State have contributed significantly to the collection and reporting of the data contained in these pages.

Directory of Data Summaries
Statewide  PM10 Data Summaries (1988-1997)
Air Basin  PM10 Data Summaries for California Air Basins (1988-1997)
 Basin by Basin Comparison of PM10 Levels for Selected Years
 PM10 Data Summaries for Counties within each Air Basin (1988-1997)
 PM10 Data Summaries for Monitoring Sites within each Air Basin
District  PM10 Data Summaries for Air Quality Districts
 PM10 Data Summaries for Monitoring Sites within each District (1993-1997)
County  PM10 Data Summaries for California Counties
 PM10 Data Summaries for Monitoring Sites within the County (1993-1997)
Monitoring Site  PM10 Data Summaries for Monitoring Sites (1993-1997)

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