Air Quality Monitoring Network

This page last reviewed July 9, 2019

Annual Monitoring Network Report

The 2019 Annual Monitoring Network Plan contains information related to monitoring within the jurisdictions of 25 Air Districts. The report contains:
  • Detailed information on each monitor;
  • Minimum monitoring requirements and compliance with these requirements;
  • Particulate Matter (PM) collocation requirements; and
  • Proposed and implemented network changes.

State and Local Air Quality Monitoring Network Plan

View, download, or request all or individual parts of a report listing:
  • Past and current monitoring sites and the air pollutants monitored at each site throughout California, as well as in the Tijuana and Mexicali border areas of Mexico.
  • Data availability for each air pollutant at each monitoring site, listed as a range of years.
  • Maps showing the general locations of the monitoring sites.

ARB's Air Quality Monitoring Activities

Access comprehensive site-specific information that includes street-level maps locating each monitoring site in the State, site photos, aerial photos, topographic maps, and more.

Also, access general information on ARB's:

  • Monitoring program to measure children's exposure to air pollution.
  • Monitoring program for each general type of pollutant (e.g., gaseous, particulates, toxics).
  • Quality assurance activities and links to ARB's quality assurance manual.
  • Standards laboratory and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

PM2.5 Monitoring Network Design for California