Confined Animal Facilities (CAFs)

This page last reviewed January 9, 2013


This page provides links and information related to the efforts that are ongoing to understand and reduce livestock emissions in California. Under Senate Bill 700, the ARB developed a regulation to define which confined animal facilities are subject to emissions mitigation rules. Local air districts are developing rules to specify livestock emission mitigation practices. Research efforts are also ongoing to better quantify livestock emissions and identify practices that will reduce emissions. The Dairy Manure Technology Feasibility Panel evaluated livestock emission mitigation technologies and the San Joaquin Valley Dairy Permitting Advisory Group (DPAG) evaluated dairy emissions research and Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) for dairies. More information is available below for each of these items.

Regulatory Information

Livestock-Related Research

    -  Dairy Emission Estimation and Methods
    -  Technical Memo:  Dairy Flux Chamber Concentration Analysis
    -  Technical Memo:  Volatile Fatty Acid Flux Chamber Validation Study

Other Resources

  • Dairy Manure Technology Feasibility Panel The California Air Resources Board, in cooperation with the U.S. EPA, hosted a dairy manure Technology Feasiblity Assessment Panel to help determine which technologies and management techniques are most likely to improve the management and treatement of dairy manure.
  • San Joaquin Valley Dairy Permitting Advisory Group (DPAG)The Dairy Permitting Advisory Group was formed through a settlement agreement to act as a clearinghouse and gather technical and scientific information that will be used as a resource in the permitting of dairy operations located in the SJV air district.

For additional lifestock emissions or research information, contact Kevin Eslinger at (916) 445-2151.