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California's Efforts to Clean Up Mobile Agricultural Equipment in the San Joaquin Valley (PDF- 189 KB) 


The 2007 San Joaquin Valley 8-Hour Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP), approved by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), contained a commitment for the Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) staff to present to the Board in 2013 a regulation for mobile agricultural equipment that moves California towards meeting ambient air quality standards for the San Joaquin Valley by utilizing the cleanest available technologies.  In October 2013, the Board approved the State Implementation Plan Credit from Mobile Agricultural Equipment Regulation which provides the administrative mechanism for emission reductions resulting from mobile agricultural equipment program projects funded by the Carl Moyer Program to be eligible for SIP credit.  This regulation complements the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District's Rule 9610 that will ensure emission reductions achieved through local, State, and federal voluntary incentive programs from mobile agricultural equipment projects are eligible for SIP credit.  

In addition, a new SIP for the new 8-hour ozone standard for the San Joaquin Valley will be developed in 2015 for submittal to U.S. EPA in 2016.  The SIP will address additional reductions needed to attain the new 8-hour ozone standard by 2032 including strategies that will rely on the deployment of the cleanest technologies (primarily Tier 4 final engines) in the mobile agricultural equipment sector. While new SIPs will also be needed for other areas of the State, additional actions for mobile agricultural equipment beyond the emissions standards already adopted are not expected to be needed to meet the federal attainment deadlines.

Recognizing the need for additional emission reductions from the mobile agricultural equipment sector in the 2016 8-hour ozone SIP, staff will continue to work with the agricultural industry to develop a long-term strategy to increase the use of the cleanest technologies as they become available in the San Joaquin Valley.  This strategy would focus on the introduction of the cleanest technologies through a combination of incentives and regulation to help meet upcoming ozone standards.

Additional information on the development of this regulation is below.

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In-Use Mobile Agricultural Equipment Regulation Survey

In 2009, the California State University, Fresno Foundation conducted a voluntary survey of agricultural operations throughout California in order to update the emissions inventory for off-road mobile agricultural equipment. The purpose of this survey was to collect data on population, operational characteristics, and activity of off-road mobile agricultural equipment in order to update the emission inventory. The survey also included questions about the types and amounts of commodities produced. This information is needed to ensure that a statistically significant sample is collected and to estimate a statewide population based on known agricultural production statistics. Here is the link for the In-Use Mobile Agricultural Equipment Regulation Survey.

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For more information on the development of this regulatory strategy, please contact Michelle Buffington, Manager at (916) 322‑8748, or Erin Uchida, Air Resources Engineer at (916) 323-0002.

For more information on the development of the emissions inventory updates for mobile agricultural equipment, please contact Cory Parmer, Manager at (916) 323-8525.

The Office of the Ombudsman is available to help answer questions or address concerns regarding the regulatory process. For assistance, please contact Zenia Aguilera with the Ombudsman's office at (916) 327-1266.  

For all media inquiries, please contact the Public Information Office at (916) 322-2990.  

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