AB 2588 'Hot Spots' Risk Reduction Audit and Plan

This page last reviewed May 28, 2015

The Air Resources Board (ARB) offers support for small and medium sized business to assist them in their efforts to reduce their toxic emissions and risk. As part of this effort, the ARB is in the process of developing risk reduction audit and plan guidelines pursuant to the requirements of Senate Bill 1731 (Calderon, 1992). The law requires facilities which are determined to present a significant risk to conduct a toxic risk reduction audit and develop a plan to implement measures to reduce that risk. Each district is responsible for establishing the risk value at which facilities must conduct a risk reduction audit and plan. The ARB is directed to assist smaller businesses in these efforts. The risk reduction audit and plan guidelines will provide industry with a menu of risk reduction compliance options. Currently the ARB has five source-specific risk reduction guidelines under development. The source categories covered by the specific guidelines include the following:

Aerospace Automobile Refinishing Chrome Plating Degreasing Dry Cleaners

In addition, a General Guidance Document is also under development to help those facilities not covered by the specific guidelines. Please refer to the table below to download a copy of a particular risk reduction guideline or to get in contact by with the ARB staff person responsible for that guideline. To obtain a physical copy of any risk reduction guideline document, please contact the Emissions Assessment Branch at (916) 323-4327.

Risk Reduction Audits and Plans List

Guideline Document Status File Format Staff Contact
General Guidelines Completed
November 1997
PDF (2.94MB) Richard Boyd
(916) 322-8285
General Checklist Completed
November 1997

PDF (225K)

Richard Boyd
(916) 322-8285
Aerospace Completed
November 1997
PDF (291K) Richard Boyd
(916) 322-8285
Automobile Refinishing Completed
May 1997
  David Mehl
(916) 324-8177
Chrome Plating Completed
November 1997
PDF (134K) Carla Takemoto
(916) 324-8028
Degreasing Completed
November 1997
PDF (2.2MB)

Monique Davis
(916) 324-8182
Dry Cleaners In Progress   Mei Fong
(916) 324-2570
Service Stations      
Stationary Diesel Engines