District "Hot Spots" Annual Reports

This page last reviewed February 02, 2017

Health and Safety Code section 44363 requires each of the 35 local air districts to publish an annual report. The statute reads as follows:

(a)   Commencing July 1, 1991, each district shall prepare and publish an annual report which does all of the following:
(1) Describes the priorities and categories designated pursuant to Section 44360 and summarizes the results and progress of the health risk assessment program undertaken pursuant to this part.
(2) Ranks and identifies facilities according to the degree of cancer risk posed both to individuals and to the exposed population.
(3) Identifies facilities which expose individuals or populations to any noncancer health risks.
(4) Describes the status of the development of control measures to reduce emissions of toxic air contaminants, if any.
(b) The district shall disseminate the annual report to county boards of supervisors, city councils and local health officers, and the district board shall hold one or more public hearings to present the report and discuss its content and significance. Added Stats 1987 ch 1252 1, operative July 1, 1988.

Air District Annual Reports may be found here: