Diesel Engine Information Submittal Form

This page updated January 16, 2007

Diesel Engine Information Submittals Should Have Already Been Submitted to Your Local Air District. Please Check With Your District to Determine How to Submit Your Information.

Facilities with diesel engines subject to the stationary diesel engine ATCM and AB 2588 "Hot Spots" program must submit their engine information to the local air district. If you own 1 engine, please fill out the following form. If you own more than 1 engine, you may be asked to fill out and email the Inventory Spreadsheet (Excel) (csv) to ARB's Emission Inventory Branch or to an email address specified by the district. You will be notified when the information has arrived at the local air district office and if you have completed all of the requirements for operating diesel engines in that district.

Engine Owner or Company Name:

Email Address:

Type of Business/Facility:

Street Address of Diesel Engine:


Zip Code:

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Local Air District (if known):

District Permit Number of Diesel Engine:

Contact Name:

Phone Number:

Mailing Address (if different than above):

Engine Type:

Typical Annual Hours of Operation for the Diesel Engine:

If you plan to operate your diesel engine for 10 hours per year or less, you may skip to the bottom of the form and hit the sumit button. If you plan to operate your diesel engine for more than 10 hours per year, please continue to fill out the form below and then hit submit.

 Engine Installation Date:

Typical Load (percent of max bhp rating):

 Rated Brake Horsepower:

@ rpm

 Engine Manufacturer:


Engine family:

Serial Number:

 Year of Manufacture:

 Exhaust Stack Height from Ground:

Diameter of Stack Outlet:

Direction of Stack Outlet:

End of Stack:

Diesel Particulate Filter

Yes      No

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

Yes      No


Yes      No


Yes      No

 Injection Timing Retard

Yes      No

Operating Schedule:

Type of Diesel Fuel:

Fuel Usage Rate (gal/hr if available):


Distance from engine to nearest fenceline on property:

Distance from engine to nearest residence:

Distance from engine to nearest business:

 Is the engine located within 500 feet of a school?:

Yes     No      If yes, name of school:

Is the facility already in an existing district AB 2588 'Hot Spots' toxics inventory?

Yes     No

Is the facility part of a demand response plan?

Yes    No

Uncontrolled Emission Factors in grams per brake horsepower-hour (g/bhp-hr)


 (default is 1 g/bhp-hr)   based on:


 (default is 10 g/bhp-hr)   based on:


(default is 5 g/bhp-hr)    based on:


Engine Engine Emission Factors and supporting data for PM, NOx, and NMHC separately or NMHC+NOx, and CO, (if available) from manufacturers data, source tests, or other sources must be sent directly to the appropriate district. If you need to find an emission factor, use the Emission Factor Table.

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