CADAMP Monitoring Equipment

This page last reviewed October 28, 2010

The monitoring equipment used to collect samples for CADAMP are high volume air samplers.  The sampling head holds the media on which the air is collected. The sampling media consists of a quartz fiber filter (QFF) and a layer of XAD resin sandwiched between two layers of polyurethane foam (PUF). The pump pulls 240 liters per minute of air through the QFF and PUF sandwich. Particulates are collected on the QFF and gases are collected on the PUF and XAD. The sampler runs for six days, the QFF is changed on the seventh day and the sampling continues, with weekly QFF changes, for a total of 28 days. For each monthly sample, four QFFs and one PUF sandwich are collected for analysis.

Analyte List

High Volume Sampler (Photo)

Sampling Head with QFF and PUF (Photo and Diagram)

Sampler Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

For further information contact:
Jeff Wright, Manager, Operations Planning and Assessment Section
Kathy Gill, Manager, Organic Laboratory Section