Air Monitoring Network

This page last reviewed August 22, 2017

Site Information

The site information gathered from each air monitoring station audited by the ARB includes maps, GPS coordinates, photos, pollutants monitored, and surveys. The site surveys list in-depth monitoring information such as traffic descriptions, calibration dates, and distances to trees and obstacles. Station information can also be searched alphabetically through the Site List.

ARB's Air Monitoring Stations

The ARB's sampling network consists of more than 40 stations located throughout California. Some of the stations in the ARB sampling network contain ARB monitoring equipment operated by district staff.

The State and Local Air Monitoring Network Plan provides the results of the annual review of the air monitoring stations in California operated by the Air Resources Board (ARB), the local Air Pollution Control Districts (APCD) or Air Quality Management Districts (AQMD), private contractors, and by the National Park Service (NPS). This network plan includes the location of the monitoring stations and the type of ambient air monitoring performed at each station.

Historical Data - Data collected by the ARB air monitoring stations are validated and sent to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). A copy of the statewide data is retrieved from the U.S. EPA and stored in a local database at the ARB.